New Kickstarter launched to print the Cyantian Chronicles volume one, below is a cut and paste of the details in general or click on to the kickstarter:

Looking over things I need to get done, it’s time for a NEW Kickstarter! This one’s a bit bigger and different from prior ones. I really need to get Cyantian Chronicles #1 printed along with new equipment to improve work flow and have product for upcoming conventions, so I’ve combined several things into one.

#1 is putting together and completing Cyantian Chronicles #1.

#2 is a new wide format printer. I’ve never had a wide format printer. What would I use it for? Printing out templates on 11 x 17 bristol like I do with the current Canon Pixma iP4600 I have. (Never liked this one.. It drinks ink.) The big difference is this: I will be INKING on the bristol by hand instead of printing on printing paper, penciling, scanning and inking in Manga Studio. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just that I don’t want to lose my ability to work on paper and it’s very relaxing to ink special projects. This also ties into the rewards. The printer I am looking at is the Epson WorkForce WF-7010 Wide Format Color Inkjet Printer – It’s 129.99 on Amazon and ships for free.

#3 is a one inch BUTTON PRESS. A REAL ONE. THIS ONE: It’s $200. I have a cheap badge-a-minit one that destroys a third of the buttons I attempt. Not exactly a good thing and why I don’t offer as many buttons. I have a lot of plans for nifty button related items to make and later will move on to replacing my 2.25 inch button maker, but for now, this one would be very useful.

#4 is $50 worth of button making supplies!

So the total is $380 at the moment, but there’s a little bit more which will be added later.

On to the rewards!

Reward #1 is the Cyantian Chronicles #1 which will contain the new Campus Safari and Genoworks Saga in one handy magazine style book! The book is standard comic book size and has 64 black and white pages. The Campus Safari section will cover the prologue and chapters 1 and 2! Genoworks Saga will be covered from chapter 3 to chapter 4. Because it does not include the first section of Genoworks Saga, if you don’t already have it, you can order it WITH this reward by adding $5.00. GS #1 is 52 pages long, black and white. You will also get the Drop-a-thon Homecoming short story in this collection. You can also get Priority Shipping in the States by adding $3.00 to the entire amount.Special note: This comic is rated PG-PG-13 depending on your personal views. No language, nudity (covered in fur!) or excessive violence(no gore), but somewhat mature situations not found in your average PG movie.

Reward #2 – Oh look at this! I happen to have EMPTY pages in the book! There are in fact, 9 pages that will need artwork/one page comics/whatnotarts open. 9 x 12 on smooth bristol will be $75 and inked completely. Meaning it won’t be standard quick comic inking, but full inking of up to two characters of your choice and the page will be mailed to you (It can also be a single page comic).

Here’s an example of inking and comic. Yours would include more detailed backgrounds and characters.

Reward #3 is the COVER design. For $150, the cover will be drawn with up to three characters that you like from these choices: Chatin, Cilke, Rad, Lucian, Collin, Quinn, Syrys, Darius and Silver. This cover will be in color. You will get a 9 x 12 or larger print of the cover along with a copy of the book AND the original inked artwork on 11 x 17 bristol.

To view my color work, I invite you to go through my Furaffinity gallery.

If all 9 slots are taken, I will open up slots for Cyantian Chronicles #2, which is not far behind. This currently unavailable reward will involve 11 x 17 FULL sized comic pages as well as inked artwork, some of which will require the printer I’m needing to get done.

Other rewards may be added, such as small buttons and mirror backed 2.25″ buttons with custom artwork.

Now to the calculations area. The total amount of items = $380.
Probably $20 in shipping costs to me = $400
Purchase of books = $-not an issue, printed by Ka-Blam and I have a credit.
Shipping of items = $100 – to be safe = $500
At this point, Kickstarter wants it’s cut and so does Paypal – 10% = $550.
Oh and the government also wants its cut = 10% = $600.

$600 total.
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

These are the risks. I’m a human who is diabetic, which supposedly makes me more subject to illness than most. I haven’t been ill in the last six months and have had my flu shot. 😉 But if I DO get sick, there will be delays in getting work done. The Printer might be delayed in shipping from Amazon, but Amazon is usually very quick. I need the printer for some of the rewards. 😀 The button machine might be delayed! I have no idea how long it’ll take to ship! And I can’t make buttons without it! Weather might get in the way of mailing items. Oh and back to that human thing: If I get a LOT of those full page commissions, as in, if I open another tier of them for the next book, they will take longer to get done.