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Thellie, Cobalt – I need you to EMAIL me ASAP so I can put your names in Akaelae #8 that I’m finishing today for your cameos! And I need Chrome to email me tooooo.. *sigh* I’ll remember who you are the moment you email me. 9.9 I just can’t recall it right now. - Last chance.

15 thoughts on “01/14/2010 (15 Comments)

  1. Hey now, there’s a familiar face! And it doesn’t surprise me that Azlan has come for Quinn, as she’s the most Mabbish of the Akaelae crew.

    I’m not really sure who the others are though Daemonschile, Raevis, Foxmage, Foxy Malone and Nathan Miles are the candidates.

    If you’re curious about where Azlan’s original appearances were, go here:


    To the home of Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures.

  2. Helriz The Kitsune

    What the…?
    Oh, well. Guess I shouldn’t complain, the guy’s awesome. ^_^
    And, yeah. I don’t know the others either…

  3. Hey! It’s Azlan! I thought he looked familiar! Dont have a clue as to who he’s with though.

    @ hariman: I love that comic!!! I have so much catching up on it though. In fact, I might just start from the beginning. I forgot where I left off =(

  4. Ooo, more cameos coming up, Nice!

  5. Heh, I like the “Ohhhh… kay?” look that they’re giving Azlan.

  6. “I’ve come for you. My name is Inigo Montoya” ….. you know the rest.

    And if we DO have a character named Azlan showing up, then I guess those who went through the doorway in the cave are saying to themselves “My it’s cold here. Any why is there a lamp-post out here in the middle of the woods.”

  7. Dhurrrrr….

  8. They’re coming to take her away haha! ^.^

  9. Azlan? OK, there’s a plot twist like a bolt out of the clear blue empty.

  10. Now that is just plain scary! Evil fox! Evil!

  11. This is obviously before Azlan met Neni. Otherwise this would end with a scene at a bar and the comment “and that’s the last time I took Neni to Gralen Cragg Hall!”

    O.B. Juan: I think we’re thinking about a different Azlan than the Aslan that you’re thinking about.

    ShadesFox: No, not evil, just Fae.

  12. Haven’t you looked at those teeth? Clearly evil!

  13. Hariman: Or, if it’s after, and he’s just smaller due to magic or something, it would explain why he’s not showing in DMFA at the moment. And are you sure O. B.’s not just joking? Because I believe he referenced this strip:


    Shades: I’m pretty sure all the more-carnivorous Cyantians have teeth like that.

    Anyway, interesting to see an Azlan-looking character here. Now to see if he’s Azlan-acting. :3

  14. I don’t remember or recognize ether of them. Which storyline are they from?

  15. I think we are looking at the beginnings of a Massive Multiplayer Crossover Story.

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