01/15/2010 (11 Comments)

18 thoughts on “01/15/2010 (11 Comments)

  1. Helriz The Kitsune

    Yup. He acts like Azlan alright. Chances are they’re going to have fun whether they want to or not…

  2. My thoughts exactly. If King Laish summoned Azlan personally, then he’s deliberately distracting them from worrying too much.

    “I do not think you understand. WE are going out for some fun. King Laish insists!”

  3. I THOUGHT it looked like Azlan from DMFA

    1. DMFA? What’s that?

      1. Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventure. It’s another webcomic available @ missmab.com

    2. Hope he doesn’t lose his ring again. 😀

  4. Gotta agree there.

  5. well he’s a little uppity to say the least….

  6. “You want fun? Allow me to introduce you to my leetle friend, Knuckles….”

    P.S. A Fox with a snow leopard friend named “Foxy”….

  7. Now what are the odds of Quinn agreeing to fun and dragging the others along?

    1. VERY VERY HIGH!! LIKE 250%!! XD

  8. Pretty impressive having a fey fox showing up here. It’s hard not to have fun with someone like that, you never know what’s gonna happen.

  9. I don’t know, Omniscia… This is perhaps one of the only times I’ve seen Quinn totally bummed out. I think even her normally-indomitable spirit here is a mite quenched.

  10. Personally I’m only relieved he didn’t bring Neni with him =P

  11. OMIGAWD IT’S AZLAN! I didn’t even notice in the last one. XD Eee, I love seeing my comics come together like this.

    1. It’s not your comic. Take out the my or be punished for lagiarism by grammar Nazis!! >:(

  12. If I were them, I’d be like, “OHMYGOSHWE’REGOINGTONARNIA!!” 😀 To be honest, that’s the only Azlan I know of. I find it funny that this one happens to be similar in color and have wings like some sort of unusually dangerous fox-bird hybrid. The only thing really different is the personality.

  13. Azlan: “Yes, we are going to have fun!”
    Years later…
    Darius: “And that’s how Gralen Cragg Hall became Gralen Cragg Hole.”

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