01/18/2010 (13 Comments)

17 thoughts on “01/18/2010 (13 Comments)

  1. There’s a reason Quinn is listed under “Fun Personified” on the Cyantian Chronicles TV Tropes page.

    “Fun fun” indeed, I think that’s the kind of fun we all look for.

  2. agreed on all counts hariman.

    Yet somehow I did not expect this. How I didn’t see it coming I don’t know but yeah…

  3. Helriz The Kitsune

    Me, I’m more interested in who he’s going to introduce them to…could it be Neni? I dunno, it’d be weird if she appeared in this comic before she did in her own.

  4. If Quinn were to approach certain humans with that attitude . . . . . Well . . . . . Need anything more be said in polite company?

  5. Helriz: There are other possibilities:


    Not to mention there’s the chance he found a Mr. Dew lookalike.

  6. Aww, Azlan looks so cute when he is bummed out like that.

  7. @Brandon: I continue to see Quinn as the eternal innocent. The possibility of her ever having a serious relationship with any other character, much less one leading to cubs, makes my temples dance in pain.

  8. I’m not sure the universe can survive the meeting of Quinn and Queen Mab.
    And Neni is just trouble waiting for a place to happen. There’s a reason Neni’s been banned from numerous places.
    Then again….

  9. Then again, I do remember seing someone who looked a LOT like Chatin at SAIA….

  10. Mmmm… not sure if it’s convenient to stimulate Queen more. Could be like adding electricity to C4.

  11. Lycanthrope: Quinn isn’t 100% innocent by the time Campus Safari occurs. And there’s that Valentines Day pic of her hugging Outback, to his surprise.

    Not to mention the time Quinn gave advice to Cesilee based on what she saw on “The Bunny Channel”.

    Tom: Goodness me. You just had to one-up my doomsday level fun scenario.

  12. One fun! fun! coming up…

    1. “Let me introduce you to…MY LITTLE FRIEND!”

  13. Dangit… I forgot to change cilke to Sheana.

  14. Then let me introduce you too…NARNIA!! XD

  15. How much ya wanna bet it’s either a trap of a trip that Syrys has no idea about?

    1. Sorry, I meant to say, “How much ya wanna bet it’s either a trap OR a trip that Syrys has no idea about?” I said “of” for some reason…lol, a trap of a trip, a trip of a trap, no matter the way, they take you off the map! XD A trap of a trip is a trip that was more like a trap. The reverse is a trap that basically takes you through a bunch of slides and other nonsense that moves you against your will.

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