As of my posting on Sunday afternoon, 1:40 PM - we're at $35 short of the goal! HURRAY!! When the January goal is met, I will switch the goal to February's. Thank you very much for the support this month - it's meant a lot in getting me to do more work than I've been managing. I have a three strip buffer at the moment.. and that's with 4 updates a week. This week is complete. 3 for next week already done. Once I have the buffer 'full' so that I can have two weeks in case of 'disaster'/ updates over Furry Fiesta, I will start plunking in 4-5 updates regularly. This depends on the size of the upcoming comics, but there will be continuing extras. - Tiff

12 thoughts on “01/23/2012

  1. heh, don’t make the jiracs mad, bad things just.. happen.

  2. Bad things that are good for the good guys?

    It sounds like the evil Sirac is plotting to blame the lawfule evil fox for Vin’s escape… which implies he’s giving Vin a chance to escape.

    1. nah, filaire is more of chaotic neutral…

      1. You are talking about the gold vixen who was a loyal supporter of the king until he found out her parents were both black right?

        That sounds more lawful than chaotic (not sure if she’s evil though).

      2. Camden, the Sirac here, comes across as more chaotic than Filaire, as he’s lashing out at her even though they’re supposed to be working together.

        Filaire seems to be working in her own code of honor from when she was a Palace Guard. Although, Rama’s making her slowly discard that honor and the ethics that go with it.

        To be honest, if I had to call Filaire’s supposed alignment anything, I’d call it “Lawful Tragic”.

        1. “Lawful Tragic” … You mean like 90% of Hitler’s generals?

      3. HEY!! IT’S THE WOLFEN II!! Star Fox is awesome dude. Just thought I’d say that. Although I think the first wolfen looks better because it’s not as bulky. Anyway, what brought up Filaire? She’s not even the subject of this conversation.

        1. Camden, the sirac putting the guard to sleep, is doing this to get back at Filaire. Filaire is supposed to keep Vin there and not let him run away to give Rama time to recruit him.

          Plus, Filaire’s got a bit of a fandom now that her motivations have been revealed.

  3. … Oh shit. This means trouble for Filaire and possibly trouble for Kerie.

    Either way, I think this bit of pettiness on Camden’s part is going to end with a lasting effect on Vin and the girls.

  4. Oh my goodness, that second panel is SO suggestive.

    1. Why? It looks more like the fox girl is holding up her dress rather than just holding her hand in front of her?

      1. I’m talking about Vin having mussed up fur with two girls standing around him.

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