Tally has been met!! Thank you muchly!! Workmen spent all day yesterday tearing up my living room... and my kitchen... :/ Carpet's pulled up and there's a huge area of ripped up tile in my kitchen. Today they're going to repad and lay the carpet and hopefully tile, then clean the carpet tomorrow. Bleah... I can't walk in the kitchen to do anything due to them also planning to fix under our sink where there's a huge hole in the boards. :/ Scrambling to figure out what to do about meals since I didn't know they were going to do this and it's completely messed up my schedule and budget. :( - Tiff

12 thoughts on “01/24/2012

  1. If Camden intends for Filaire to get blamed for their escape, then Camden has a plan for them to get caught escaping. In this one fixed point in time there is little danger in staying put and much danger in trying option two.

    1. But Vin, Melody and Kerie don’t know that. Staying there is a guarantee of staying, while leaving is only the risk of getting caught.

      They’re at risk either way, and even taking Camden into account, they’re likely better off trying to run. There’s only so far Vin can pretend that he likes Melody and Kerie as slave girls and the charade would fall apart eventually.

      Plus, Camden doesn’t know about Quinn or Darius. Also, Celina, Kel and Sheana might get out of the cells close enough to Vin to help.

      Oh, and we don’t know when Syrys will arrive with a rescue team, so there’s another monkey wrench for Camden’s plans and Rama’s forces coming in hot. 😉

      1. Considering this is the second time Filaire has cubnapped Celina; I think it would be poetically amusing if, when the camp starts coming apart, Celina were to get loose, knock out Filaire and hold her captive until Syrys takes over. This would keep Filaire from organizing the defences.

        (And, as a bonus for us Filaire fans, a few years in a wolf prison would keep her alive until after the fox plague has run its course and the king has died in it.)

  2. Have we forgotten that there’s a Quinn on the loose with intent to ’round up the others’?? 😉 Many, many wrenches to be thrown here…

    K Fox

    1. Quinn pretty much is a Loki in her own right. Minus the evilness.

      1. Quinn also comes with extra chaos and cuddliness. 😉

  3. The wrenches are already flying around in this machine. it’s only a matter of time before one of them finds its way in between two gears.

  4. Now considering what Rama said about Melody, Id like to remind these kids about not going through the kitchen.

    What kind of kitchen would serve up people?

  5. Love the new shading style! Very crisp and colourful. :3

  6. Uh, Kerie. Vin was talking about people SEEING him, not smelling him.

    1. Rama’s servants and soldiers likely already know Rama’s scent very well out of fear/”respect” for Rama. Vin can use the fact that he smells like Rama naturally to prove to doubters that he is Rama’s son, allowing him to throw his weight around using Rama’s reputation.

      After all, Alpha Akaelae realized that Vin was Rama’s son by smelling Vin’s scent when Vin walked into the Akaelae towers. Way back in Akaelae #2 or 3. Or maybe 4.

      1. I don’t think that’s going to matter. The fact is that these guys practically abducted Vin and it’s very likely that they know that he is a prisoner against his will.

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