Final images for the primary image that I HAD to have done ASAP for Furry Fiesta next month. It’s my favorite of the ten images I have – the others still need to be inked and colored. I have two vinyl banners ordered to print of the grey bunny jackelope, one will be given away, the other sold or maybe I’ll donate it to the auction. The vinyl is 30″ x 16″, nice big one.

Then.. I realized it had been literally years since I’ve done a poster and checked poster prices. If enough people are interested… I can ORDER posters. To order an 11″ x 17″ poster (on nice thick 100lb glossy cardstock) I’d need about a dozen orders for $12, preferably more. (I’d make it $10, but then I’d need considerably more people ordering to cover the shipping of each one.) That would include shipping in the US. If you’re interested, please respond to this post with which one you like and a pledge note that when I give the go, you can paypal the money asap. I’m not going through the hassle of getting donations and then having to return them if there’s not enough people interested. I can get 25 posters of each one on a dozen orders.)

If this does work, I may offer other pieces… featuring cyantian characters. šŸ˜€ Well… the grey bunny IS actually a cyantian character with the other jackelopes. šŸ˜‰ I’m just holding those scripts back.