5 DAYS left in the kickstarter and set 1 of buttons now up!!

Button Set #1: 4 designs, one with name, one without!

Button rewards have been added! You can get 4 small buttons, 1.25″ for $5, which includes shipping in the US as keychains, zipper pulls, keychains or pendants! You can add small buttons for $1 to other tiers.

The larger buttons are 4 large buttons, 2.25″ for $10, which also includes shipping in the US. These are available as pinbacks OR Mirrors. But mirrors add $3 per mirror. They come in a nice little organza or cloth bag! You can add large buttons for $2 each to other tiers for pinbacks or $5 for a mirror. The second set is to come soon!

Also a note about the sketch cover edition of the art book: Only taking orders for the sketch covers with the Kickstarter!

– Tiff