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  1. And Vin owes WHAT to you two exactly? He has never met you before tonight, knows nothing about either of you, and can hardly count you as friends. If you wish to push him into a corner to convince him to take action you are Doing It Wrong(tm). Give him an alternative that will offer some hope for the friends he knows and cares for, and maybe, MAYBE, you might just benefit from it. Force him to make a choice between you and his friends and guess how that will work.

    Above directed to the pair in the comic, not the artist writing the dialogue. Yes, Rama has abused them. Yes, they have reason to fear for their lives. Yes, Rama is the biggest dratsad to ever tread slime on Cyantia. They are still doing it wrong.

    1. Errrr…the problem is that they live in quite a bit of fear of Rama.

      Thinking about doing it right might have been possible if they weren’t here so long. But all ability to care for Vin and friends probably was ringed out of them.

      The fact that this little fox told Vin that Melody would be in more trouble then her, probably points out that his sicker tastes are well known by the servants that are left.

      From their perspective, Vin is the stranger and is putting her in danger and Melody on the dinner plate.

      1. Still, Vin doesn’t know the way to the prison cells or the way out. Melody and Kerie might not know either.

        So they MIGHT know how to get to the prison cells and rescue everyone who’s there already.

        I’m not sure how much Vin will be swayed by this argument. This is likely the first time Vin has been put under this much pressure.

        1. which means that he is likely to:
          a) faint again
          b) refuse to chose and stay here while they’re trying to get out…

          pretty bad for the girls either way…
          High time Quinn showed up if you ask me…

        2. Agreed, Quinn should show up pretty soon, at least to let Vin know she had the others covered.

        3. I don’t think “stay here” is an option to Vin. He does NOT trust or like Rama.

          The question is, are they going to just try to escape or are they going to try to rescue the others while at it?

        4. I think Vin is too chivalrous to not go with the girls.

  2. I actually would have preferred the “we’re going with or without you” response.

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