02/01/2010 (4 Comments) (4 Comments)

5 thoughts on “02/01/2010 (4 Comments) (4 Comments)

  1. Heehee! Syris really looks beat in the first panel.

  2. Well, those two fox are long gone, but…
    Who in their right mind would put a fruit salad in a cedar bowl?

  3. You would too if you just came out of a very long cold sleep.

    Also, you do need to change the banner at the top, it still says Hiatus update schedule…

  4. And fluffy. 🙂

  5. More like Floofy, Madd. Syrys is definitly floofy. Well, perhaps a bit fluffy too. He looks like he was put in at the peak of winter, his coat’s so thick.

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