14 thoughts on “02/03/2012

  1. For some reason “pretty gross” takes on new meaning when said by a wolf. Even highly advanced ones. Celina has probably seen, and smelled, worse on the colony ship, but Sheana looks like she is about to call it quits.

    And then comes the 90 lb gorilla through the wall into the room

  2. Ick. God forbid that be some of Rama’s leftovers from a prior meal.

    Trouble has never been so welcome as Quinn’s arrival is right now.

    1. I’m noticing a little contradiction to what Rama told his son there.

      Rather interesting he’s feeding the kids slop, while feeding his son the good stuff. Maybe it’s Rama showing the bit of the stick before he gives the carrot for good behavior.

      Or maybe he has other interests for the that differ from his son.

      1. It’s also possible that all Rama has are slops and scraps, which would give a reason beyond “evil murderous cannibal” for wanting Melody as a rack of ribs.

        Note that I say “reason”, not “excuse”.

  3. Oh c’mon – it can’t be any worse than boat food (anyone who has served on an aircraft carrier will know what I mean). 😉

    K Fox

  4. Ah Quinn–the heart and soul of stealth.

  5. She’s just Poppin’ in with good news.. Thank you Quinn.. forget the food, can we get a rescue here please?

  6. I smell chaos in the air.

    1. Are you sure that’s not just Quinn you’re smelling? 😀 Hooray, Quinn, for having excellent sense of timing!

      1. Quinn has been known to wear “Entropy” perfume. It’s billed as “The Scent of Chaos Itself!” It’s a common perfume among female pranksters. 😉

        1. *chuckles* True, that. I wouldn’t wanna be the enemy that truly got Quinn riled up. The Patron of Chaos would find a firm follower in her, I suspect.

  7. I just noticed that the comics still say 2011 on the bottom.

    1. Yeah – found that last week and have fixed it on my template. 😀

  8. Of course she shows up with a smile on her face. And between the bars no less.

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