Got a little help yesterday, but today I severely need gas in the car and groceries after that. (It wasn't too late, btw. Whew.) I've been concentrating on the comic over commissions to bring more updates, but when I run out of enough food to actually make meals it's a problem. I'm going to have to find some better balance to avoid this. Commission info. (I'll be contacting those on my waiting list first.) - Tiff

12 thoughts on “02/06/2012

  1. I love Celina’s “Oh thank God I’ll be able to get out of here and out of these bonds!” face.

    And Quinn’s extra talents are turning out to be more of an asset than I think anybody here suspected!

    1. Oh no. I knew her skills would be valuable. I just wasn’t sure if she’d get the chance to use them before things hit the fan.

      So far so good. But they still have to meet up with Vincent. There there’s all the other foxes around. The day is not yet over.

  2. What? Quinn shows up and the crap ISN’T hitting the fan? What gives?

  3. Wow, she’s been holding back. At first I thought it was just her that could go into other dimensions, then she pulls Darius with her, now she’s making open portals to other locations!

    1. More like learning new stuff since Akaelae. Think about it. She didn’t, and most likely couldn’t, do any of that stuff to Kimala and then got bonked in the head as a result. There’s nothing like massive head trauma to get you to learn new stuff.

  4. Quinn is like a Schweiz army knife. Ok lets see she can read minds, she can fly, she kan walk/fly Through solid objects and now it seems she can… what? open holes in walls?

    I´m NOT complaining i´m just in aw (is that the right expression?).

    Lets make a list of all the cool abilitys Quinns possesses. Shes like Cyanthians super heroine (not the drug).

  5. Oh yeah i forgot i belive she can also teleport some distances. Also it sems she can travel via some kind of extra dimesnion (se mars akademy)

  6. You know, it’s all well and good that Quinn is caring for her friends but I don’t think she’s thinking it through. Rama’s forces will probably be mystified by Kel, Celina, and Sheana’s disappearance but Kamden won’t, and he’ll probably go off on his own to take care of this personally. Not to mention that he was probably holding back at the clearing because Filaire’s forces were in view. I don’t think a well-thrown rock will work this time because a) Kamden could read the cubs’ minds to tell when the rock is being thrown and b) Kamden could just phase through the rock

    1. Do remember that Quinn has been described as “the most powerful Sirac” several times in the past. It is quite possible, if not probable, that other Siracs might not have access to the wide range of powers, or if they do then not at the same level of power or skill, and/or both of the above.

      As to the matter of thinking things through: Quinn is the opposite of “think it through”. She is the living embodiment of “Follow your heart!”, doing as she feels is right at the moment on impulse.

      On the matter of mind-reading, there isn’t enough information to give a time-scale for resolving and interpreting the information received. It could possibly be that between the time you get the information and your mind feeds to your consciousness the rock may very well already be in flight, or worse, have connected.

      1. Quinn doesn’t read minds, she can only hear “loud” surface thoughts.

        Madorakas: It’s actually “awe”, but we know what you mean!

        Nicholas: I meant that the characters in the comic didn’t realize that a teleporting, flying, dimension hopping raccoon would be more trouble for their enemies than them someday!

      2. Kamden ain’t exactly weak though. All of the foreshadowing claims that he’s especially dangerous to Quinn. There are a number of variables including Kamden’s possible experience over Quinn’s total lack in an actual combat situation (unless I missed something in Puppet Strings) not to mention how much his power has grown while he’s aged. The point is, I strongly doubt that Quinn will be able to take Kamden by herself and might have to rely on another well-thrown rock from Sheana and even that might not work as well as it did last time since Kamden was holding back then.

  7. I *love* that Cel’s smiling at the sight of Quinn! 😀 Expected it last strip, or at least hoped for it.

    Also seems like Quinn can get people through things in a nicer way than she did Darius! XD

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