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7 thoughts on “02/07/2012

  1. Camden’s little trick earlier could come back to bite him if someone notices that open rift in the now empty cell and Rama doesn’t know about Quinn!

    On the other hand, someone could also reach through and snatch Quinn back in by the tail. If they’re quick enough they could render her unconscious before she can react!

  2. I’m not sure Quinn will leave an open rift behind her, but still that implicates him as a disgruntled likely means of escape.

    It’s hard to surprise Quinn because because she has her own ethereal peanut gallery telling her stuff. I wonder if she ever has “why didn’t you tell me?” “You didn’t ask” sorts of problems with them…

    I expect not.

  3. Considering Quinn’s telepathic ability I doubt surprise is very easily accomplished on her. Also highly doubt the rift will remain open once Quinn steps back through it with her passenger.

  4. I’m sure it won’t stay open, but it’s open -now- and no one’s in the cell.
    Quinn is distractable enough to be surprised.

  5. Getting each of them to safety takes time, and time is their worst enemy right now. I suspect that Quinn will try to take Celina first, as she’s nigh defenseless in with her arms and muzzle bound like that.

  6. They are unbound now. 🙂 …and I suspect she’ll take Sheana first because of her head injury.

    1. Ooh! Good. I’d missed that.

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