As of today, it’s one month until my birthday! And a step down the other side to 40. 😀
I bring this up, because every year I get a few nice gifts and as much as I love gifts, we’re trying really hard to wipe out our debts. If you would like to, just note it as a gift so it doesn’t incur unnecessary taxes and it will go toward getting these things out of the way.
I’ve mentioned it before, they’re a couple of lingering credit card bills from 2005, when Kim went into the hospital for almost half a year and we got severely messed over tax wise. :/ Our preparer did not do our taxes correctly and we finally got out from under that burden last year – only to lose an advertising company that was bringing in the exact amount of money each month that paid for the taxes = no progress. 🙁 With the state of the economy still not improving, we get by, but it’d be a lot easier if we weren’t pay 25% plus interest on groceries and bills from 7 years ago (Expensive car repair’s on there too). We’re whittling them down, but not at any speed that’s really helping (although finally getting a tax return this year is going to knock out a bit! ALL of the return is going to the bills.)

– Tiff