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32 thoughts on “02/20/2009 (31 Comments)

  1. woha that face in the last pannel is it terror or anger i wonder… knowing that she met quinn posibly both…

  2. Looks like she doesn’t trust Silver.

  3. well hurt leads to not the greatest amount of natural trusting of others. Plus Silver did kinda already lie about not hurting her when she fell on her head. Not her fault I know just kinda happened. Several things I can speculate her that probably aren’t too accurate right now.

    Most likely of which is: doesn’t have a natural trusting personality, not everyone trusts everyone else as soon as they meet them. Or maybe language barrier could come into play depending on the language she speaks.

  4. It looks to me like our new fox has heard “I’m not going to hurt you.” before.

    And gotten hurt by whoever said it.

  5. Definitely a Genoworks experiment. Poor Silver being a fox (a typical fox) scares the carp out of the poor little fennec.

  6. Let me guess – fennec doesn’t speak Cyantian? 😛

  7. Let’s hope that silver can speak whatever language this Fennic speaks.

    Although Quinn must have spoken to her.

    Poor thing must be terrified.

  8. And she looks younger than the others.

  9. I wonder if this is another show of the foxes bad reputation in affect.

    The Fennec fox is such an interesting character. Those big eyes certainly make her face more catching of attention.

  10. Quinn’s starting to recover and the cute fennec is scares out of her fur.
    All is not well on Cyantia.

  11. It’s not everyday that you chased by a demon horse, I’m sure I’d be in a pretty bad mood too.

  12. Maybe Bigears isn’t terrified by Silver but something behind her.

  13. Wow! She’s cute!
    I’d be surprised if there is some kind of language barrier, although it’s entirely possible. I agree with Hariman saying that she may have heard that before.

    I also thought I’d remind people that Quinn doesn’t need to speak to understand someone. Like she did before Derrik learned Cyantian.

  14. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially if she manages to get outside and happens to see darrik as a gold fox and quinn. The expression on her face in the third panel might not be so much out of fear. Instead i think that she might have finally realized that silver, is well, a silver fox, and is probably surprised by the appearance of one.

  15. Interesting display of events. Maybe the Fennec is looking behind Silver? I doubt it though. Wonder who fixed up her arm? Quinn maybe? Or did she do it herself. Hope Quinn regains consciousness soon.

  16. If I remember right, Quinn said that’s a fox. Well, it’s a very different fox from any others we’ve seen so far. It looks like a fennec fox to me…I wonder where it falls in the gold/silver/black/white/blue fox hierarchy…

    I love the art of this comic, but I’m finding the current style of eyes-without-pupils a little disconcerting. ^^;;

  17. I agree with Dotcom,
    “Definitely a Genoworks experiment. Poor Silver being a fox (a typical fox) scares the carp out of the poor little fennec.”

  18. Is the new individual based off a fennec fox?

  19. Agrees that she is scared, though if it is from, yet another fox telling her ‘I won’t hurt you’ or some sort of /other/ monster behind Silver, I can’t be sure.

    Is this a new character? or is it a Cameo?

  20. KHGV Defenestration

    From the brows, it’s fear, or the ilk. And I agree that a fox saying that line prolly awakens very bad memories.

    As for character VS cameo, it’d be one hell of a cameo, given the lead up. So, yeah, doubtful.

    Also, shading on that lantern looks like a CG 3D render. o.O Contrast does interesting things for casting the rest of the strip’s art in a new light, but that might be sleep deprivation talking. Still a little jarring at first.

  21. SPOILER (maybe), don’t read if you want to uncover this details while reading the comic.

    Citing the shivae wiki: The arctic fox and the fennec are seperate species. There are arctic fox which mingle with the northerner column cities and fennecs/desert fox who live primarily in the plains and deserts with the cheetahs. Both are usually very nomadic, the desert variation MUCH more than the northerners. They do not recognize the Vixinte royalty as their ruling class. They recognize no-one. They are capable of interbreeding with regular fox though.

  22. Mayhaps out demon horse dug it’s way through .. but somehow I doubt that.

  23. The rock wall is behind her, if the horse were to dig through, it would be a crushing backblow.

  24. @Stray well actualy silver didn’t lie she used future tense after falling.

  25. *IF* there is something else behind silver I’d guess Digni – maybe someone to onvestigate what’s blocking the airflow?

  26. Awww! Your characters are simply the most adorable I’ve seen!

  27. “I’m not going to hurt you..again” poor kid is scared out of her mind right now and hurt.

  28. I don’t think there is anybody behind Silver. I still think that the little Fennec lady is just scared because she’s been hurt before.

  29. almost at thirty comments, i think thats near the record ive seen on this website

  30. Wabbity no speaky cyantiany


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