02/25/2009 (13 Comments)

Forgive me- Convention was awesome and I didn't get the comics done! This is a copic marker picture of Cilke. Silly little whip took a bath then flicked water all over her dress

13 thoughts on “02/25/2009 (13 Comments)


    Very pretty.

  2. Yay Cilke! And is that Arula on her shoulder?

  3. This is like an Intermission. Go get some more popcorn or something.

  4. Blasphemy! You shall be hanged for this Tiffany Ross!

  5. Cute!

    I don’t mind waiting. Besides, this is a good picture. (:

  6. To repeat two previously posted comments:

    Whips are a handful.

    Cilke has a LOT of leg to show off.

    Can we get a Celina placeholder? Also showing off lovely legs?
    (Cannot hurt to try.)

  7. This pic=much Cilke love. *faints*

  8. Cuteness!

  9. flipflops + digigrade legs. I’ve tried walking like that with those. They slap your heels every step.

  10. @Anubis Reynard: Aren’t skunks plantigrade? *looking it up at ShivaeWiki* Yes, seems so… So Cilke’s probably only standing there like that…

    @Lycanthrope: While I second your idea of a Celina placeholder, I’m not so sure she wouldn’t bite our heads off… 😀

  11. Oh, we’ve seen moments of Celina where she isn’t utterly daunting to approach. I’m sure someone has caught her off guard with a cryscorder and lived to tell about it.

    And this is a very, very pretty picture of Cilke.

  12. Yes, probably.

    And Quinn doesn’t behave as if she were on a hyper-active sugar rush – occasionally… 😀

  13. clike looking great with her tail!……skunks and foxies have the best tails in cytanthia note it!

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