Update: Products now available on Zazzle!

It appears one of the things that I need to work on this month is fixing the website … the other thing is setting up the Darius Volume 1 book. My apologies for the situation that went beyond my control with being sick. 🙁 I am MUCH better now and going to get a good night’s sleep so I can begin updating again next week.

The above is the only rabbit image I finished for the Year of the Rabbit set for Furry Fiesta. Those of you who were at the convention saw all the lovely things I used this image on, specifically the notebooks. I am going to see about putting together a bunch of them and selling them online because I was so happy with them! These are 4.5 x 5.5 perfect bound notebooks that open and lay flat. They have 40 sheets of paper/80 pages in them and will be available in lined and unlined and will have a cute little image of the rabbit lineart in them like I did the special Furry Fiesta notebooks with. 🙂

– Tiff