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42 thoughts on “03/07/2012

  1. Well, that’ll floof a Filaire’s tail! Inexplicably, though, Rama’s actually giving her GOOD advice here.

    It really shows that he cares about giving his underlings fair warning that they’re about to die, if he has any say in the matter.

    1. Yes. He cares about the (maybe) five underlings with enough authority (and brass ones) that they would dare to enter his personal area of the camp without his express permission. *laughing*

  2. “If you are reading this note, you should put it down and start running… NOW!”

    I think Filaire is a bit surprised Rama would do this.

    1. I like the Bomb squad T-Shirt myself.

      “I’m with the Bomb Squad. If you see me running, try to keep up.”

  3. I don’t think Rama did it. I think Rama was captured, and his captors left the bomb. Rama is not the smily-face type, imho.

  4. “If you’re reading this, it’s too late.”

    Camden left the smiley face. 😉

    1. That’s Rama’s tent, and Rama does strike me as the “Let people know their doom is coming and watch them scramble to get away!” kind of Dratsad.

  5. Yeep!! I’d take that advise.

  6. I would have bet Camden, but since we know that Rama already got that advance warning from the scout, and would have had easier access to the explosives, this is his goodbye to his help.

    If Filaire escapes from this, and still goes back into Rama’s service, I will have a 4 letter word for her beginning with the letter “F”.

    Question now: what does Filaire try to do? Does she save herself for the sake of her vengeance; or, does her devotion to The Three kick in and she tries to save all the others?

    Tiff: Excellent expressive facial anatomy in panel 1.

  7. Filaire has at least some honour, despite her association with Rama and her rather mean demeanor.

  8. And the question is, if this note is just another sick and twisted way of disposing of an underling as he escapes or is he giving his underling one bit of advice even if he had to escape without letting her know?

    One could wonder with his sick reasoning, that he might think he’s just thinking about the bigger picture and still expects Filaire to join him again.

    He has one sick mind, you aren’t really surprised what he does, it’s trying to get an idea what he’ll do next that will have you coming up short.

    1. I think Rama would have let Filaire know about this part of the plan, had she taken him up on his offer to join him.

      But, she’s too honorable and can’t be bent enough to his will, so he’s tossing her aside now that he’s done using her.

  9. Called it.

  10. Best filaire ever

  11. I knew it – all those kids and servants – they’re bait.

    Even the smiley fits – Rama is anticipating the death of people he hates, the removal of the main obstacles to his rise to power; he probably feels absolutely jolly.

    What was puzzling me was that his son was still there as far as he knew, but I think I just realized why the two girls were in such a hurry…

    1. I am doubting they knew about this. If they did it would put them in a completely different light as accomplices. Even if they feared for their own lives, going along with the destruction of the other servants, including children, would be exceptionally cold.

    2. I think Vincent was meant to die too; it’s pretty obvious Rama’s not going to be able to turn him to his side.

      I’m wondering how things will work out with Camden. Apparently his attempt to get Filaire into trouble didn’t go as planned. 🙂

  12. somebody set up us the bomb

    1. You have no chance to survive make your time!
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  13. Cyantian Troll Face?

  14. I’m worried about the Rumah bunker. Hopefully those bombs aren’t strong enough to penetrate all the way down to it though the Rumah probably figured earthquakes and other natural disasters into the design of the bunker and its too strong for these explosives, even if its possible that the bombs have the strength to get all the way down there.

    1. Not shaped charges, and not tamped. They’ll make one HELL of a nice shock wave, flatten things on the surface, dig a decent crater, and make a nice loud-as-heck boom, but penetrate rock they won’t. They WILL however be felt. Now, on the surface, there’ll likely be problems like shrapnel, too.

  15. I love her ‘Oh Sh-‘ face XD

  16. Ahahaha oh god, this is priceless. Rama might have no moral or honor. But his kind of dark humor is great. XDDD

  17. Rama reckons without Quinn the Xanatos Gilligan. Soon as our favorite vixen turns her back, Quinn will pop in and pull the right wire out.

    …which I personally like more than “spanner in the works”, but TV Tropes has made its judgement.

    It’s entirely possible that Rama wanted to kill his son along with everybody else. That the kid didn’t have the makings of a tyrant is obvious and Rama might end up facing him someday when he’s taller and stronger and Rama is older and weaker.

    Just be glad Rama didn’t have access to enriched uranium…assuming there’s no antimatter in any of those boxes.

    1. An ounce of antimatter would have the explosive force of the largest nuke in the current US arsenal so I strongly doubt that’s in play here. I think it’s just a standard chemical explosive.

      1. Think of it this way though, compared to ours, as impressive as it may be, their chemical explosive could still be insanely powerful. Think of what that amount of plastic explosive would do.

  18. I do love Filaire’s ‘Oh Crap’ look. Mind, if I saw that, I wouldn’t spent time looking freaked. I’d run the other way quick as possible. But darn, I wanted to see Rama drawn and quartered for his sins.

  19. loboron the wolftaur

    LOL!!!! love the look on her face!

  20. I dunno if this is Rama’s work at all! What is the gray lump behind the explosives?

  21. It is just the rigt proportions to be a very unaware wolf!

    1. Rama knocked cold by a mad Sirac? Considering Ramas resolve, he probably has the means to get his paws on quite a bit of Antimatter.. I think he only needs to worry about not taking out that which he came for in the first place, unless he already has it.

  22. EXPLOSION!! Heeeeh heeeeh heeeaaeae….. >:] ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
    Woooooooooh!!!!! YEAH! This is a lot of explosives probaly close to 1 megaton. The safe way-stand behind 3 inches of Lexan (? what is Lexan? Just Google it) windows in a bomb bunker at 3 kilometers with hard wired remote detonation, with liscense and permits. Their way- Run. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE EXPLOSION PAGE! Way to go! This is how EVERYTHING thas was great goes to PERFECT! Everythings better with explsions is the basis of this comment. I do look forward to the next update so.

    1. That explosive would have to be nuclear to reach a megaton. I should also note that nuclear explosives are considerably more sophisticated than what we have here. I’m thinking that’s a 1,000 pound bomb. I suspect it would kill everyone in a 150 foot radius.

  23. You know, now that I think about it, Filaire could have walked in on a far more shocking sight than mere explosives.

    Filaire could have walked in on Rama, lying on the bed, clad in nothing but a loincloth, trying to seduce her.

    1. I think I prefer the explosives if I were her. 😉

  24. …the smiley fits even more – I just realized Rama is Red John! O.O

  25. To the people who are wondering if Vincent’s on the target list –
    Keep in mind, we don’t know for certain if Rama’s already left the encampment completely, and we don’t know how much time is left on that bomb. For all we know, Rama’s on his way down to Vincent’s room intent on telling him to pick the servant he likes best out of the two, and please don’t ask questions because this is a rather…explosive…situation.

    1. That sounds like the best theory I’ve heard so far. Rama wouldn’t give up so easily on something he starts on: He’s a very determined person if we’ve seen anything over the course of this series. And I don’t see these bombs being planted by Syrys unless he knew that the cubs were safe, which he doesn’t since Quinn’s taking them save Vincent to the Rumah bunker.

      1. Or Rama set up the explosives as a backup plan. With Syrys already figuring out where he is and sending in the cavalry, Rama quickly changed the objective from “brainwash the new generation of elites”, knowing that it has all but failed, to “kill his worst enemy”.

  26. Her face says it all: Oh SHI-

  27. Step 1: Play some dramatic music. Something from ‘””Audiomachine”” will work nicely.
    Step 2: Watch the climax unfold.

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