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16 thoughts on “03/09/2012

  1. I guess the thought that Rama would do that makes her sick or she freaked out so much she barfed. I really wonder if Filiaire will ever turn against Rama.

    1. I’m willing to bet she will. She’s not evil or even cruel, and I’ve the feeling she’s not going to continue supporting Rama to the end of the story.

    2. She has only stayed with him this long in the name of achieving her own plan of revenge, but I believe this will sink that plan and “Plan B” is about to go live.

  2. That reaction does make a lot of sense. I might very well have used it myself in that situation!

    Love Filaire’s eyes in the last panel.

    1. She’s really rocking the “Classic Vampire Look” there. 😉

      Filaire just realized that Rama is willing to sacrifice EVERYONE in the camp, save whoever he takes with him, to kill whoever else he can. And it’s entirely possible that this was either part of his plan or a fallback plan from the start.

      No wonder Filaire tossed her cookies.

      Now there’s an image. A happy Filaire eating cookies!

  3. “There Will Be Blood”

  4. May I ask for a close approximation to “Dratsad,” or a link to a definition?

    1. “Bastard”

      1. Dastard is also applicable.

      2. dratsad is bastard flipped around, though the b changes to d.

  5. Honestly, the epic quality shots of Filaire in yesterday’s first panel and today’s last may be considered fan service…
    … and I, for one, am grateful.

    On a more relevant note, she knew very well he’s a Lv.97 Dratsad, but I guess she saw his other actions (that were hovering around Lv.60 and below), and thought it was his worst. And now, she saw how wrong she was. (Tho, I think, it’s still not all that’s to Rama’s evil.) Let’s call it “adjustment of the high-water mark”.

  6. I wonder who was Rama’s longest serving lackey was and for how long did they serve him?

    With this, one could guess that he has a fast tract to promotion just like Darth Vader on his ship.

  7. It’s dastard, reversed. From the Free Online dictionary – “A sneaking, malicious coward”
    “archaic – a contemptible, sneaking coward”
    Basically an old word for a villain.

    1. See, now I feel stupid – because I was thinking “I wonder if it’s something similar to ‘Dastard'” and never even noticed that it was reversed.

      1. at least you knew that Dastard was a real word..

  8. I had no idea it was dastard reversed. Huh.

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