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4 thoughts on “03/12/2012

  1. “Todds and vixens, other assorted people, please exit the facility in an orderly fashion and retreat to a safe distance. Upon reaching said safe distance, line up in an orderly fashion for a head count. One the head count is completed, you may begin panicking. That is all. Thank you, and have a nice day!”

  2. Oh now I get what Rama did.

    He left first without telling anyone while the imposing force is moving in. While everyone waits to figure out what Rama wants to do about them, someone will come in and see the bomb and note.

    That will cause a massive scatter that will hopefully allow Rama both time and enough chaos on the ground to escape.

  3. All Hands: ABANDON SHIP! All Hands: ABANDON SHIP!

  4. I’m wondering if the bomb will go off before or after Syrys finds out Quinn got the cubs out safely.

    And, what about Vincent, Kerie and Melody??
    I’ve always liked Vin; now I’ve developed a liking for Kerie and Melody! Hmmm… Maybe I should try to convince Ferric that Kerie might be a more suitable vixen for him. After all; she’s pretty, smart, tough, pretty and, even as bad as life has been for her, she’s still compassionate enough to admit that her friend Melody has it even worse.

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