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  1. Now you have permission to panic.

  2. I have to admit, booby-trapping the base to surprise attack your enemies is a good plan. Not horribly original, but effective when you know that they have no choice, but to enter your base in the first place.

    By the way, Quinn really needs to move it and figure out the trap. She’s the one who could reach Syrys with the least amount of time lost.

  3. So… now to dig back and see how plausable it would be for this to have been his plan all along. Lure Syrus into the base with Darious and his friends, then nuke them all, once and for all.

    1. Given what Rama has said early in the run of Darius, and back in Akaelae, I don’t think “bait and boom” was the original plan.

      The original plan was to capture, isolate and brainwash the current generation of cubs to his side then use them to kill the prior generation of Akaelaes and their allies. And then take over the world.

      But, Vin’s kindhearted nature, Quinn and the other cub’s resolute attitudes have shot that plan full of (more) holes, so Rama’s cutting his losses and starting over.

  4. Looks like we have one more barfing fox – possibly two. Not that I blame them.

  5. Ooh, I’ve just gotten an evil plot element. What if Quinn manages to save Vin from the bomb but doesn’t have enough time to save his friends?

    1. If you mean Celina, Kel, and Sheana, not gonna happen. They will survive. If you mean Vin’s “new friends”, that could be a possibility. It would forever sever any remaining familial feelings Vin may harbor for da, and has the potential to put a darker edge on Vin’s personality. For that last reason I feel it is a long-shot for the author to consider.

  6. Filaire: “Someone set us up the bomb!”

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