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14 thoughts on “03/14/2012

  1. Oh snap!

    “… Take me with you, I don’t want to be around here when this place blows.”

    but.. who can it be?

    1. All possibilities look grim.

      Those are not “Yay help is here!” faces they’re wearing.

    2. With those looks?! Has to be Rama!

      1. And I’ll bet it was Camden who told him!

        (dang-it; I need an ‘edit’ button. Sorry about this, folks.)

    3. Rama. I’m awfully sure of that too. Please tell me someone knocks most of his head off for still being there!! I realize he’ll survive it, but it’d be nice to know he would be in pain…


  2. Prolly Camden.

    Who will be getting his tail pulled shortly. . .

    1. Yeah, only a Sirac would know about them missing.

  3. Not good.

    1. Yup, rabbit for dinner.

  4. For some reason i’m thinking its Quinn xD Sneaking up on them like she’s prone to doing to lots of people =P

    1. I was thinking either her or Camden.

  5. At this point I’d be wondering why I even bothered to get up that morning.

    1. “I’m not even supposed to BE here today!”

      Also, Vin’s face in first panel looks kinda weird… but at least this time he’s not looking like Mick Jagger. 😛

      1. Its kind of an ‘Oh SNAP….’. Actually, it reminds of a child knowing he’s in trouble with his parents when they catch him doing something bad.
        …And I just realized how twisted and ironic what I just said was.

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