14 thoughts on “03/22/2012

  1. Not dead after all? Or just final position of her eyes?

    Either way, this dose not surprise me. It’s been coming for a long time. This is gonna get interesting.

    1. No, She’s dead. He completely shredded her throat.. basically slitting it four times in one swipe… that’s probably just the look just before she passes out permanently.

  2. While it’s great to see that Vincent has finally grown a backbone; perhaps growing it while facing down the most power wolf that has ever lived isn’t the best time to have done so…

    Just saying.

    1. *laugh!* This is the second time he’s done something like this. 😉

      1. It’s better that he chooses to stand up to Rama than to let himself be cowed.

        I’d just rather not see him get beaten down for having a backbone. 🙁

      2. Wasn’t the last time when Vin was arguing with his mother’s boyfriend?

        Yeeeeaaaahhhh…That didn’t go so well and he was a druggie wolf. Rama is one of the nastiest of the elite wolfs we’ll probably ever see.

        He’s definitely regrown that backbone,but it doesn’t really seem his odds have improved at winning a fight.

        1. Rama personally killed Oran, the drug dealer who beat Vin when Vin stood up to him.

          No, I don’t think that’s a good sign of things to come. 🙁

          Here’s rooting for a “Big Damn Heroes” moment!

        2. Either that or Vin starts using his powers. Remember, he can control the freaking weather without even realizing it. I’m quite anticipating seeing what he can do when he tries and am actually quite scared.

  3. I don’t think she was alive when she hit the ground. Mercifully, the shock likely took her before significant registry of pain. A moment of stunned disorientation, then blackness. She luckily won’t feel the mix of bleed-out and lungs filling with her own blood…
    If anyone here has the stomach for such things, there’s video of terrorists cutting people’s throats. I’ve heard them. The sounds are NOT pretty.

  4. Vincent should stop worrying about whether he is anything like Rama. He is Rama how Rama should have been because I can see a Good aligned Rama doing what Vincent’s doing now.

  5. Vincent is standing up not just for himself. He is thinking about Melodia too I guess.

  6. See, the big problem with Vincent’s heroics are that he is loosing time…and he doesn’t realize how precious that time IS. I don’t think he was able to hear the “Everybody Run” message. Think Daddy Dearest is going to fill him in?

  7. go get em Vincent.

  8. Wow. Now she REALLY looks scared. Is Vincent telling her to run? Because the black splotch makes it hard to tell if it’s being said or thought or something, and also makes it a little hard to tell the tone oddly enough. Why would you tell her to run though if that obviously isn’t going to work?

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