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  1. Rama: Even if he is being foolish, Vin’s ten times the man you’ll ever be, so shut up and die!

    1. Now that I think about it, the best insult to aim at Rama is the simple truth:

      “You’re not just your father’s son, you’re worse than your father!”

      1. He’d take full offense to that.

        Considering his father was killed by Sheena’s mother for cheating, that’s saying a lot. Not to mention how he felt about his father.

  2. “You and me, let’s go!”
    -Thug battlecry, Neverwinter Nights, Infogrames (now Atari) 2002

    Vincent, FINISH HIM.

  3. “Come at me, Bro!”

  4. That’s it. I need a time machine. I need to jump ahead to when the story is fully finished. Waiting for each update hurts. It’s so good I’d be turning like mad by now.

  5. I’m waiting to see how his latent mage-ish abilities might come to fruition here, if they do… it would seem an ideal time.

    1. I think those are Vin’s only chance to win, or at least survive this fight.

      1. Yeah, let’s hope Vin’s been getting classes on his powers between Akaelae and now.

    2. Does he have any powers beyond summoning storms? I can’t see what good a thunderstorm will do in an underground tunnel where the air masses and winds cannot reach.

      1. Are we even sure he was really summoning the storms?

        Elite wolves have never been mentioned as having anything beyond long lives and regeneration, so the “storm summoning” power might have just been a red herring!

        Plus, wouldn’t Rama have something like that already if he were expecting it in his son?

        1. Maybe the genetics mutated for Vincent or he picked up a recessive trait. Black Foxes manipulate energy to crazy degrees and one of those foxes is only slightly more dangerous than Vincent. How can simple longevity and regeneration possibly stack up to being as bad as spontaneously igniting the air or giving yourself a seizure? Sheana is also a Genetic Elite and also has long life and probably the regeneration, but Mercial wasn’t concerned at all about her. Vincent’s powers are different and on a different scale than the others.

          However, I concede that I’m not an expert on the the intricacies of this comic’s universe. I’ve just read what’s on the Archives button. I have no idea what where this ‘Genetic Elite’ thing came from, who Danie/Danae from Genoworks Saga is, or why Syrys’s generation so badly freaked out the Wolf leaders. Thus I’m only able to call it as I see it and what I’ve seen hasn’t ruled out Vincent being a Cyantian version of Storm.

        2. I’m not sure either way if Vin has Stormbringer powers or not. I suspect that he doesn’t, but Tiff has been known to throw curve balls before.

          Danie is a vixen who was also Syrys’ lover at about the time of the Ridge War, not long before Syrys was captured by the fox and frozen. We don’t know what happened to her after she was captured with Syrys.

          Genetic Elites came from about 900 to 1000 years before the current events when the Moulin Phedra (The Squid) invaded Cyantzium and enslaved everybody. Alpha’s generation helped drive the Squid off after the Squid altered Alpha, Shean Tibal, and others with the elite genetic modifications to be used as pit fighters.

        3. Exhibit A) Vin is used to rain when he’s upset. Says it happens every time. That’s one heck of a coincidence.
          Exhibit B) Darius felt the weather was getting schizo when Vin was around.
          Exhibit C) When Vin found out that his mother died, there was a thunderstorm for three days at least. It didn’t end until he got over it.
          Exhibit D) Someone trained in seeing powers saw some in Vin and later claimed that he was uncontrolled and a danger to others including himself, or at least, almost as bad as that.

          Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury, you decide.

        4. Exhibit E) Vin shown a 99% aptitude for technomagery in the tests administered by Syrys.

  6. I hope Vin rips Ramas ass apart.

    WEll, since this will not happen I simply hope Syrus shows up soon.

  7. make him know he was in a fight..

  8. And now for the weekly cliff hanger lol

  9. Vincent is not his father’s son, he is a much better individual.

  10. Oooooohhh. SO she ran the OTHER way. Why didn’t the fox girl do that? It was rather stupid running right smack into the enemy if you were planning to escape.

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