03/26/2008 (1 Comment)

Comics for March 26, 2008 - 03/26/2008 - Wow.  725 strips.  Campus Safari has ended in this incarnation.  It began a LONG time ago as one of my first comics and I want to redo it with better art and updated writing. I had to stop doing it primarily to avoid 'fixing' events in Akaelae and closing off avenues of story that I may want to change and well.. I don't really intend to CHANGE the majority of Campus Safari.  I intend to ADD to it!

2 thoughts on “03/26/2008 (1 Comment)

  1. Finally he comes out honestly.

    1. FINALLY HE DOES WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE AFTER THE SECOND SCREW UP!! Yes, I would do the same thing Darius just said he’d do.

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