Text will be updated later. I got up this morning (Sunday) to a cat landing on my face repeatedly and a nice set of scratches as she divebombed off her cat tower set up on my desk onto a large flat plastic container she'd knocked into a slant so she could SLIDE on the lid and land on the bed - only she missed Then I discovered the computer chair is completely broken. Then I picked up my laptop and went to do my usual round of things and was prompted to do an update of my Flash Driver immediately after flash crashed - and that began an entire day of trying to clean up my laptop of a very invasive and resistant rogue scamware program instead of doing ANY work. So that's what I've been doing all day, which means I have not prepped comics for uploading or written text.. which I can't in this chair.. oh and it's one of TWO broken office chairs now so that all of our chairs are broken or horribly wobbly. :P Darius is NOT done for the week. I have two pages partially done that were going to be finished this morning, but I may update only three times to avoid an interruption if it takes me a long time to reinstall everything over this evening and tonight - which has been my last recourse. So far, Spybot, Malwarebytes and another program simply could not FIND it. The other two programs I ran through that DID find it were shareware and wouldn't fix it unless I paid them. :P I've followed two sets of instructions to get rid of it - none worked. Tried to rollback my computer to a prior update - just locked up after going through the long process of checking my drive consistencey. Well.. went almost a decade without managing to pick up any such things, so I guess one of them was bound to finally trick me. - Tiff *Update* Virus almost gone, no need to reinstall stuff.. whew. And only $62 to go to reach the goal mark for March! Thank you to all who pushed it up this month! It's greatly appreciated, especially since it made things so much easier for us! :)

24 thoughts on “03/26/2012

  1. Vin has the look of complete insanity in his eyes.

    1. I dunno, I thought it was more, “I liked her, and now she’s dead, because of you. I will always regret I didn’t do something sooner.” I dunno, maybe I’m reading too much between the face-lines.

      1. Nah, that’s what you do and you likely right. Vincent’s sick and tired of this crap happening to him and its now time to finally take a stand against it. By the way, Go Vincent! I knew you had it in you!

        1. On top of that, Rama’s lost ANY chance of having Vin as an actual son and heir. Rama actually would have been better off if he’d just approached Vin after Vin’s mother abandoned him.

          But, Rama had to go for the “force Vin to want to come to Rama’s side” route, and it’s backfired horribly.

          Unfortunately, Vin’s gonna need help to beat Rama. 🙁

        2. Nah, just look at him. He’s clearly got this one.

  2. Sorry I can’t be there personally, I could probably get that virus off manually in a couple hours.. Reinstalling is a pain in the butt.

  3. I wonder… Could Vincent be deliberately trying to drum up a good lighting bolt??

    1. nah, looks like he’s just going more feral from rage.

  4. I do hope the next bloody scene won’t be of Vin. O_O

    1. If it is, it won’t be fatal. Serious injury at most. Both of which will limit the blood.

      1. …. That dratted Plot armor again… keeps popping up everywhere.

  5. Remember, Akealae forces are inbound. Rama is on the clock big time.

    If he waits too long he’ll have Strys in full lift coming down on him. If he cuts loose with anything showy, he will hasten that situation. If he can’t box Vin up fast and beat feet, he has to just beat feet.

    But his ego is getting involved. Possibly instincts too. It may still be in Rama’s genes to react as an Alpha Male being challenged.

    1. Rama’s ego is definitely involved, but what interests me is the irony and the juxtaposition of intent between Rama and Vin.

      Rama’s a monster who’s used to getting his way and never getting told “No!” out of fear. Vin’s a nice guy who’s been pushed around and dealt a bad hand, who’s now set on telling Rama “NO!”.

      It’s a bit ironic, and a good juxtaposition of personalities and situations. 🙂

  6. I just got a flash of Moka Akashiya from the text, not the one using said dialog.
    I am rooting that Vincent walks out of there unharmed and calvary arrives quickly.

  7. aww A family Moment

  8. Vin just wants to hug his Daddy :3

  9. Dude. Rama. Big Honking BOMB. You set it up, remember? No time for dominance, no matter how brief they’re sure to be.

    1. Unless he’s got a detonator and a set of signal relays.

      He would be the type to want to set off such a bomb personally.

  10. Never attack first Vin, it gives them the advantage.

  11. Spybot and MBAM – good choices. Sometimes, though, you need the big guns.

    SuperAntiSpyware – Free version has scan and remove, paid does real-time protection. Excellent tool for getting stuff the other two misses.

    ComboFix – Advanced tool for the very tough ones. Only run this if you really, REALLY need to. Get it from bleepingcomputer.com

    That’s what I use. Also, Avira Antivirus works well for system cleanups. Use all together for maximum malware removals.

  12. Can'tRememberMyName

    Great source of all sorts of security anti spyware, firewalls, etc. The forums are great for support. Go to their top freeware picks. Makes life easy. I use one firewall program, one anitvirus, and several anti spyware.
    Also I’ find Iobits Advanced System care very good, for preventing non- malicious computer stuffups, eg scanning for registy errors etc.

  13. Oooooh Rama is in for it now! He killed Vincent’s friend without mercy, and now Vincent is MAD!! 😀

    1. I can bet something epic is about to happen. Either some sort of awesome mini-battle of rebellious son vs. evil father will happen, or someone else will intervene. If I am wrong, then this comic is awesome. Or just really stupid. XD

      1. If I am right, then the same goes: it’s either really awesome (epic mini-battle) or really stupid (intervention).

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