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  1. OK, now I’m interested if there’s a comic between the one I was confused with a few nights ago (that wasn’t supposed to be up at the time and got fixed) or if the next one will be the one I was confused by. Either way this should be interesting… at least to me if nobody else saw that one up when it wasn’t supposed to be. XD

  2. Nooo!?!?!? I can’t watch!?!?! (Til it updates)

    Hopefully someone will save the day we have 2-3 candidates… Quinn can well… be Quinn, Darrik could somehow use his power but since he doesn’t know how and is probably not in the immediate vicinity… might not be able to but I can hope! Who knows Vin could do something… and possibly someone else whom I’m forgetting but we shall see.

  3. Either we have a Big Damn Heroes moment coming, or Strom having to stop his swing very fast (or having his swing stopped very fast), or the explanation of why Silver hates Mercial in future comics. That is, if Silver hates Mercial in future comics.

    And I believe Mercial rates the title “Bloodthirsty B****!”.

  4. That is if Mercial is still alive in future comics…

    Tactical mistake by her, by the way. She just told everyone exactly HOW to save the day.. er… horse… Just make it touch the ground…

  5. Bounty hunting for strange and dangerous creatures in Mounty land is probably a steady job — remember that for a long time Genoworks (in the finest old Mad Scientist style) has been dumping its failed or uncontrollable projects in the wilderness between the Fox and Mounty lands (Mad Scientist rule: when you’re done with it, release it on the public).

  6. Yup. And technomages are your last, best defense.

  7. And then comes the moment when the horse is saved. come on we all see it in the immediate future! Some things are just really predictable. I love the emotional investment in all the characters though.

  8. “Chop! Chop! Chop!…….”

    Come on, come on, I gotta know! Will this be an epic point in Akaelae?

  9. “Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop!…….”

    Can’t wait! Gotta know! Will this be an epic point in Akaelae?!

  10. WTF? Why, and how, did I double post?

  11. I could see Silver just running up and kicking Mercial in the shins as hard as she can. I would quite enjoy that! (It’s the kind of thing I would do in her place.)

  12. Who would like to bet Silver uses her speed to tackle Mercial and cause the horse to do exactly what Mercial conveniently let everyone know could be done?

  13. @Frost You are such a quick fox you did not realize your speed….

    And re: WoW, sorry do not play. I have a Perfect World account that I have never even slowed down long enough to create a character on.

  14. I hope Silver does something to Mercial… I dont know what she /could/ do, but I hope if she can do anything, she does it >:|

  15. Hmm, not looking good for the poor horsie >.> I tried perfectworld, but couldn’t get patcher to work right >.> Played many other MMO’s, but never tried WoW.

  16. THe suspense has been up for like a month now. It’s like waiting for that last month-long skill to train in EVE.

  17. Ugh EVE all of the quests are the same! I have done so many doubles, otherwise it would have been pretty fun, except you can never catch up with veterans…

    Anyway, I see Mercial as being the don’t mix business and emotions type with Strom as her trusty right arm. I wonder why the mouse has the sheet? My guess is Silver will attempt to stop Mercial or the Hunting party will show up. Probably both. Even though we know what will probably happen, I still love reading it. So suspenseful, can’t wait ’til Friday!

  18. That a mouse in the middle panel right? At first I couldn’t tell what it was in the previous comics.

  19. @ tiggertoo:
    Why dump an experiment before you can “field-test” it? Might give you some ideas on how to “improve” the next batch…

  20. Dr. Ownage: To pick up the severed head without getting too messy? Sorry if I’m being gross, but that’s my first thought on that.

    And tackling Strom is another option, as that would likely divert the ax and possibly distract Mercial.

    Coincidentally, I had an odd thought recently. Mercial as the Queen of Hearts and Strom as her executioner in an Akaelae (fantasy) version of Alice in Wonderland. “Off with his/her/its head” seems like something Mercial would happily say, whether it be in a play or in reality.

    Quinn would make the best Alice to turn Wonderland on it’s ear.

  21. Alice in Wonderland is based off an acid trip if I remember correctly… All the same it is hilarious, especially if Mercial is in a choppy mood. I can’t wait for more capers on Mercial and her need to behead things.

    On a side note, yeah, that’s what I was thinking about that sheet as I asked the question…

  22. I know Nuuuuuuthinngggg!!

  23. Black Hat: Alice in Wonderland was published in 1865, LSD was discovered in 1938. Lewis Carroll (pseudonym for C. L. Dodgson) was known for being able to string together tales just that strange with no chemical enhancement. 😉

  24. Somehow I’m pretty sure that this swing will _not_ hit the intended target ^^°

  25. Meh, its enough like an acid trip that I don’t think I would never want to go there. Maybe it just describes the sensations produced by drugs, such as suddenly feeling large or small…or maybe I’m just completely wrong…or maybe…

    *goes into the corner to think of crackpot theories about life, the universe, and everything*

  26. “Go ask Alice, when she’s 10 feet tall….”

    Sorry, had to. …Man, I am old….

  27. Oh, there are certain chemicals in certain plants that will make you think you are giant and everyone else is Lilliputian. I won’t say which ones, but they exist.

    Hartree: There’s a lot of authors who can write things that get the reaction “Wait, the author was SOBER when this was written!?”

  28. @Black_Hat: the answer is 42.

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