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29 thoughts on “04/03/2009 (29 Comments)

  1. Now the one I saw up too early a few days back makes more sense!… though I’m just as confused as to how it could happen…. but I’ll keep my mouth shut about the next one sense I’m positive that’s the one I saw up by mistake.

    And I don’t know why… but I really like his confusion face.

  2. You fail. Lol.

  3. The confused expression is priceless! Perhaps the horse is a little less…. organic than we all previously assumed. No matter the horse is alive and not beheaded. But whatever protected the horse is one durable material, look of the size of the axe and the size of the guy swinging it, that’s one strong material!

  4. Okay, standing ovation. 🙂 I totally did not see this coming, talk about unexpected plot twists! Did anyone else see this coming?

  5. I think now we all want to see MERCIAL’s face… 😀

  6. I think the Demon Horse might be a custom Familiar. Silver’s face would probably be funny to see too. I’d guess Silver’s got surprise and joy written all over her face.

  7. Now that was unexpected ^_^

  8. You only ticked the horse off even more, pal. Good job.

  9. I KNEW IT, i had a feeling that an Axe wouldn’t work, i had thought that it would have melted, but none the less

    “EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!”

    Strom’s expression in the second panel is great 🙂

  10. bwahahaha!
    I’m betting the lil miracle coon had a hand in this…
    warping the blade somewhere else real fast?

  11. Is it just me, or did the blade break off? XD

    Also, his hands seem to have switched places, but eh, details.

  12. He turned the axe so the head is hanging below I think, and LOL! I totally did not expect that =P

  13. Ups! The mechanism of the axe is broken ^^

  14. lol, horse saved itself…

  15. That Horse is certainly thick headed!

  16. Can’t say I’m too surprised. Not exactly what I expected, but I hardly thought of that horse as a normal, organic horse. They did call it a demon, and it does have fire for a main and tail. Why Mercial and Strom thought it could be killed by such conventional means is beyond me!

  17. I thought it was described to appear like a nightmare from D&D. Nightmares have crazy properties and are incredibly evil, but I guess this one is not as its master is a friendly seeming fennec, or is she…?

  18. Well…he made it a clean cut….

    Mercial never said the “horse’s” head had to be the one cut….

  19. P. S. and, is the horse “grimacing” or “grinning” in the last panel….

  20. Wolfy, it doesn’t have fire for a mane/tail Tiff said so several pages back. 😛

  21. One unobtanium axe: $$400.
    Opportunity to try it out on a demon horse: free.
    The look of confusion on the musclebound executioner’s face when said axe snaps like a rotten twig: priceless.
    And now, the horse is _TICKED_.
    I gotta say, this is not exactly the save the day moment I was expecting. But it’s still a good moment.

  22. One extra large axe with unobtanium alloy head: ##723.50.
    Opportunity to try it out on a ‘demon’ horse: a walk in the woods.
    The confused expression on the musclebound executioner’s face when said axe snaps like a rotten twig: priceless.
    And now the horse is _TICKED_.
    I gotta say, I did not expect the save the day moment to look like this. Now the question is: who/what brought about the failure of the axe?

  23. I hate it when the computer does that to me…..

  24. Strom still reminds me of Robinhood and his merry men. Maybe the “Clang!” implies the horse is a technofamiliar or animated metal of some sort. The way he’s holding his axe seems kind of odd to me. Mmmm randomly shifting topics, where to next? How about math? 0/0=1

    *Runs away before someone attacks the illogical nonsense*

  25. “Roll attack on the demonic horse… augh… it’s a 2…”
    “You’re greataxe goes ‘clang!’…the horse looks ticked.”

  26. I don’t think his axe is broken — that’s just the butt of his axe – he’s resting it with the axe head on the ground while he goes “what the squid?” And ticked horse is now even more ticked.

  27. I always thought squid was a great exclamatory.

  28. Clank? Very intriguing.. The renegade post makes that surprising. I wonder what he hit, or if it was a hit that made that sound… oh yea, I remember.

    but… I’m not telling. >:)

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