04/12/2010 (11 Comments)

13 thoughts on “04/12/2010 (11 Comments)

  1. And Darius gets away with it yet again haha
    same as smartarse class clowns everywhere

  2. I used to feel sorry for him in Campus Safari. Past tense. Heh.

  3. Yes; yes it was necessary.

  4. Owie! Not fun.

  5. Darius pretending to innocent again lol.

  6. Actually, Kel, it was. Poor Celina, she ended up looking like a hothead in front of the guy she likes.


  7. Woa! Kel wearing his Say-one-word-and-will-slay-your-entire-family look.

  8. Darius should apply for the (nonexistent) position of “Social Engineer”. I think he’d get it. ^_^

    Y’know, not many fifteen year old guys can put on the pure cute and innocent look like Darius. HIS innocent look makes me want to take him around and snuggle him.

    1. You do realize that “Social Engineering” is the act of using trickery to get someone to let you hack into their computer, right?

  9. I’m particularly proud of Darius’ expression on this update. 😀

  10. ….
    ……Ahahahaaaa!~ “I bit my tongue!” hilarious!~ and as you said, Darius expression is pure awesome….

    Why did this make me think of Austin Powers…?
    That is weird… But the update is awesome, nonetheless

  11. It is official. I love Darius!!!!

  12. You kind of deserved it.

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