04/13/2010 (12 Comments)

15 thoughts on “04/13/2010 (12 Comments)

  1. Darius should get an award for “stupidest expression ever” …

    1. He should have that in every comic panel he’s in

  2. Another flawless victory for Darius.

  3. I’m not really sure if someone can fight back Celina ^^

  4. Temper control issues aside, I’m siding with Celina on this one. Darius is a jerk and he really did deserve it.

    And I think Darius’ expression is a cross between smugness and him being glad that Kel isn’t yelling at him.

    1. He’s not a jerk. He’s just a teen. Teen’s are supposed to not know when to quit bugging someone

  5. @Hariman

    I’d mostly agree with you about the expression, but at the same time I think it’s also added in there a teasing tongue-loll and a “Heehee! I get to watch a fight!” kind of laughing humor.

    As for Darius deserving it? Oh, VERY much. If I were Celina, I’d be JUST as determined to wipe the smug expression off his muzzle, likely with a well-placed right cross.

    Honestly, I feel a BIT sorry for Kel in this one, as essentially he’s been manipulated into being a bodyguard for a guilty party without even knowing it. I can only think that if he were to find out, Darius might be in for one HELL of a tail-whupping.

  6. If Celina could learn to control the outward manifestations of her annoyances with Darius, it would give her a (minor) bit of revenge by taking away his pleasure in annoying her. I doubt if he’d get nearly the fun out of it if she wasn’t so easy to annoy.
    That said…
    SIC ‘IM, CELINA!!! 🙂

  7. Darius’s Expression is 100% smug. But he’s got it coming.
    Still, Celina Does have anger management issues she needs to deal with.

  8. Hes got a point, but Darius still deserved a kick in the bottom.

  9. True…true
    Darius looks so~ dumb right there

  10. I am not sure where else to post this so that it is seen. Some of the Akaelae comics are not there, the comments are but the images are not. This seems to be especially prevalent in September 2009.

    1. Probably still missing some, but those are now there.

  11. Anyone remember when Darius got “poked” by Kel? He’d better be careful about sticking his tongue out.

  12. Great, now I want to use that expression for a chat icon…

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