I’ve reached the point where advertising is no longer covering my bills. (I am working on a third of what I was making before and have been since January. Taxes are putting a serious crimp in my finances starting this month.) It’s picking up, but too slowly at this point.

Luckily, I had already planned on stopping Akaelae for a short period of time and updating Genoworks Saga in its place while I script out the next chapters. I’m going to list the cameos that I have recorded to make absolutely sure I have them all filed, I SHOULD have them all, for the next arc. I’ll also be working on the books.

And if ANYONE out there can help me with setting up a subscription based site so I can offer ad free browsing, please speak up. It just has to be something that makes use of paypal and doesn’t depend on me entering and keeping up with everything beyond updating. While I’ve had offers, they all come with demands for money that I don’t have.

I am also working on an entry for Zuda, which if I can win, will involve being paid enough to make up for the losses.