04/27/2010 (7 Comments)

9 thoughts on “04/27/2010 (7 Comments)

  1. Wait… Lucas has a friend named Solo? Why does that seem so very familiar? 😉

  2. the name solo does indeed sound familiar…check the wiki pages :3

  3. im a bit lost…

  4. When I read ‘Solo,’ I instantly thought of MegaMan: StarForce 2. XD Probably just a case of two characters having the same name. Though it is kind of ironic since the Solo in that story/game is pretty powerful, even when fighting on his own.

    …I could be wrong, but SirBacon, are you referring to Star Wars?

    1. Apparently, It seems that the researchers in charge of these kids were total nerds.

  5. I take it solo is some sort of genetic elite or something?

  6. “Solo” reminds me of a story my stepdad told me. He had a scuba diving buddy nicknamed Solo, and later he had a dog named Solo who liked to hang out on the boat and chase his bubbles. 😀

    I’m pretty sure this Solo is another winged kid.

  7. I read “Solo” and thought
    Han shot first…

  8. “The Earth is more dangerous to us than your friends.”
    “One word. Fleas.”

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