04/30/2010 (9 Comments)

12 thoughts on “04/30/2010 (9 Comments)

  1. Special class? Very nice.

  2. Of course it’s nice. Nothing sinister about it. Nothing sinister at all.

  3. Wolf with a beard is VERY cool. I think that’s seriously neat-looking. This above and beyond any thoughts on the progressing plot, which of course also holds my interest.

    1. I always thought it was really cool too. 🙂 Don’t think I ever said so…

  4. I believe this ties in to the Akaelae (sp?) arc…

  5. Watch as the parent come to the towers, demanding to know where their kids are. 🙂

  6. Either something set up from Akaelae or something set up in this comic.

    Double checking, it could be either. Though from Akaelae is more likely given certain indicators.

  7. *Your spartan training begins tomorrow. Don’t be late.

  8. ooooh special training! Much hard times, or fun times ahead? 😛

    Both methinks

  9. La di da. A ‘special class’. Wish I had one of those back in high school. Then again…..exactly what kind of ‘special training’ are we talking about here?

    *thinks of a large facility with tubes running through her body wearing nothing but a white cloth skirt, strapped down to a metal chair*

    Oh crap…..*screams bloody murder and runs like a scared little girl*

    Nooo! They’re gonna get me! Don’t let them get me! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    *runs into a wall and slams to the ground, passing out*

  10. does the Akelia comic have any relevent to this comic?

  11. Followed curious tag I didn’t recognize, landed here. Corle has lovely hair!

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