05/03/2010 (15 Comments)

17 thoughts on “05/03/2010 (15 Comments)

  1. Well now, there’s something you don’t see too often: Darius taking long deep sniffs of the letter.

    Methinks the wolf has found a familiar scent on that missive…

  2. Uh, Darius… You’re not howling. 🙂

    So is the guy in the middle Vincent and that’s Kel on the right?

  3. > So is the guy in the middle Vincent and that’s Kel on the right?

    Yep. Blue hair = Vin, purple hair = Kel.

  4. O_o

    I didn’t think that Darius would be the suspicious one here.

  5. Maybe he knows this will only be trouble?

  6. And here I was under the impression that he was upset because it was training for something he didn’t want. XD;

    At any rate, it’s not the best birthday present.

  7. Celina’s sour mood from earlier in the morning has improved nicely. And even Vincent looks happy.

  8. Too bad Darius is in such a mood, now.

  9. Just some random info: In german “to howl” is translated to “heulen”. The fun here is that “heulen” means “to cry” too and that means mainly german speaking people, like me, would understand this as “something to cry about”.

  10. no darius the paper is not toxic, but i dont recomend eating it

  11. Perhaps Darius is wondering why the page smells of fox…

  12. Celina……smiling……impossible

  13. Darius’ ears are flicked back. I assume he’s irritated, maybe he doesn’t want the training? Also I like Celina’s non-hostile expression.

  14. Celina looks really happy and nice in this one! (I like her.) 🙂

    Maybe Darius noticed he’s assigned to train closely with Celina? 😉

  15. Completely forgot about Rama’s plan. I think Darius knows something is wrong but can’t put his finger on it. Probably has to do with the scent on the letter.

  16. I believe the reason for the long face is that Darius was looking forward to that three week break after sessions. Now that may not happen

  17. “PS: Yes, Darius, pants are required.”

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