Goal bar has been set up for May, which includes the shortage from April. It’s not that bad, but I am unfortunately out of ink for my printer. All of the cartridges are almost out, one is out. I printed templates as much as I could, but the last set came out pale pink and I could barely see my lines. 😀 So anything I get immediately goes to ink. (I bought food instead of ink, since we were out of food over the weekend.) Next week’s comics are already colored and done. It just hampers me getting comics out timely because I have some sort of weird disconnect that’s driving me bonkers when I sit down and try to pencil on the computer screen. It’s not letting me. I’m more comfortable on paper.

I have until noon today to get enough to buy ink, then I don’t have access to a car until tomorrow afternoon.

*Edit I’m $20 up! Which means I can at least run out and get blue ink! (The one I’m out of.)

Edit 2 And if anyone would like to share Avengers tickets with us, Groupon has a $6 special today for our local Studio Movie Grill. 😀 You can send them to my email tiff dot ross at verizon dot net. I’m not using donations to go see a movie, since all that goes to actual necessities. My hubby actually WON two tickets yesterday from a local comic book store to go to the all day Avengers marathon at a local theater. 😀 Lucky him. Since it’s a weekday, I have to work, and Kim is NOT going to sit through an all day movie marathon (neither is hubby, he’s going after work) – he gets to go with a friend and I get to stay home with Kim – not seeing Avengers. 😀 I admit I wouldn’t go anyway because 1. I don’t like waiting in lines. 2. I don’t like unwashed fanboys, which I’m sure there will be at least one or two. 3. I go to bed before midnight and that’s when Avengers starts. 😀

– Tiff