06/19/2009 (20 Comments)

20 thoughts on “06/19/2009 (20 Comments)

  1. That’s everyone except whats-his-name who accidentally blows up stuff. Was he a “cameo?”

  2. Cobalt? Yes, he was, owner mentioned that in comment to one of the previous pages.
    I love how Mercial looks in here. So… so… I can’t describe it… but it’s great.

  3. From left to right: Naughty, Naughty, Nice, and Nice but in with a bad crowd.


    Sheana/Cilke: Wait, we’ve never met you before!/Who the heck are you?

    I can’t figure out if Cyclone is expressing displesure at being called back, or going “Thpppt” at Mercial.

  4. I just noticed the lighting effects. They’re very nice!

  5. A wheel chair, minus the wheels with anti-gravity generators in their place. Cool.

    Rabbit has the expression “Hope it doesn’t remember me breaking my axe across its neck…”

  6. @Elithril: From what I understand Cobalt was a cameo; Lorenith’s character I believe, but who knows, she could show up for whatever reason.

    Oh a different note: I want that chair. It looks more like a throne than it does a medical chair. At least to me it does…

    Mercial seems a bit friendlier that the previous encounter…. maybe…

  7. Hover Chair FTW!

  8. It’s a “what the” moment. Nice!

  9. Stray, there are chairs like that, but I can’t remember what they’re called, hoverrounds or something? They’re weird…and extremely expensive.

    I guess the little fennec had some other injuries aside from her arm.

    I like the hat on the mouse (?) it’s all hatlalicious!

    (yes the cameo was my character Cobalt, I like to imagine she probably blew herself up on accident rather than the rocks lol).

  10. Wow, Mercial is…short….

  11. …and that mouse is a Stepford Smiler!

  12. Is he a rabbit? I thought he was more goat-like.

  13. Y’know what this makes me think of? The fact that in some areas weare beginning to bring all those wacky sci-fi gadgets to the real world.

    No offence to wacky sci-fi lovers BTW; I am one! It would be a sad world if there was no wacky sci-fi.

  14. wait, why the floating chair thing?

  15. Mercial looks less intimidating without her battlemage gear and scowl.

  16. Mercial, btw, is short for a fox.

  17. @Tiff: Would she be the equivalent of a Genetic Elite? Her stature could say a lot about her attitude and choice of vocation.

  18. That would give Mercial a double incentive to get the heck out of Dodge when the Fox coup went down — Elites *and* anyone with enough power to make trouble for the usurpers are both at the top of their hit list.

    Our little fennec looked pretty starved down when she was fished out of the cave — I figure her broken arm was only the most obvious of her health problems, thus the chair.

  19. if only hospitals today had teh floaty chair thingies! it hurts like hell one of those wheel chairs runs over your foot! trust me, I know from past experience!

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