06/26/2008 (7 Comments)

  1. Closeup view, see dragon breathing fire with a mounty on its back.
  2. Darrik's eyes wide: D'd'dragon!
  3. Tira matter of factly: Dragon? We call them Acid Whips! We have two breeding pairs! You'll have to see them begore you go! They're so beautiful! The prime queen is red!

8 thoughts on “06/26/2008 (7 Comments)

  1. okay…… Tira’s expression looks a little suspicious… but still cute.

    by the way: will we see Silvia again?

  2. Yeah… Tira’s starting to get a little suspicious at this point. I figure it won’t be long before she starts asking Darrik some questions.
    Darrik, is still Darrik. Skeerd.

  3. They never seem to like it when people from Earth call acid whips Dragons. XD

  4. Hooray for unexplained recoveries! i’m back ,i’m sore but i wont be dieing anytime soon! Thank god for that but they dont know what ever it was and now that the physical exams are over…They say i’m above average in most areas in terms of physical ability. but yea Thank you to all of you who wished me luck i’m glad i had it! It really made my day to see even strangers would care for someone they never met :D(youve made me beleave in humanity again ;P)

  5. The sly little vixen. She’s cooking up something just for Darrik, or that’s what I think anyway.

    White Wolf: Welcome back to the land of living! Although, I wouldn’t put much faith in people. Direct that energy in other directions.

  6. That’s either a “He’s not from around here, is he.” look or that’s an “Ooh, we’re gonna have fun with him!” look that Tira has.

    White Wolf: I’m glad to hear that you’re going to be OK. As for faith in people, I don’t put much faith is people. I put faith in individual people. Typically, individual people who have proven themselves.

  7. Tira: You weren’t raised here, were you?

  8. Yeah, what IS up with her look? And why did Darrik think it was a dragon? She already told him, TWICE in fact, that it was an acid whip. Plus, why is he so freaked out about it? It’s just a photo. The real ones probably wouldn’t hurt him or they’d likely have destroyed the whole place by now.

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