06/27/2008 (8 Comments)

  1. Darrik: … shaking: Are they big?
  2. Tira hands up: Huge! Well, Azure's only a baby. He's Alex's Acid Whip. He lives in our quarters because he's bonded.
  3. Darrik: Bonded?

10 thoughts on “06/27/2008 (8 Comments)

  1. Poor Darrik, even more confusion. Tira seems to be getting really excited, wouldn’t be surprised to find her dragging Darrik along the hallways giving a personal tour.

  2. In. Over. His. Head…

  3. Tira: And they love the taste of gold fox!
    Darrik: Aaaaiiieeeeee! *runs away*
    Tira: I was kidding!

  4. Tira is gonna blow!!!! Everyone take cover! I f she gets any more enthusiastic she’ll pop GA-Blamooo! But I don’t blame her for being excited

  5. I think Darrik would prefer to deal with much smaller creatures – ones that can’t bite your head off and swallow it like a grape. I have to agree with him there.

  6. I’m gonna guess that Darrik is thinking “I’m glad that I’ll be staying in the guest quarters!”

    And Tira does look like she’s going to pop from all the excitement.

  7. this could turn out to be hilarious if its going where i think it is.(no hints) i wonder what Tira means by “bonded”?

  8. Hey White Wolf, some fishgirl named Ruto was looking for you. She asked something about how useful that jewel she gave you was, and if you had found a good date for the ceremony…

    1. Dude, that was not only a freakin’ hilarious joke that you wouldn’t understand unless you’ve played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but that was also a bit rude considering what White Wolf apparently just went through.

  9. OHMYGOSHBUGEYES!! O.O And DANG, that picture is bigger than I thought!

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