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12 thoughts on “07/18/2008 (11 Comments)

  1. I think Syris just saved Darrik from the terror of miniwhip curiosity. Now he just has to deal with real life, a beast which is far more terrifying than any miniwhip.

    And he’s still floofy/cute too!

  2. lolz he seemed so terrified of the miniwhips its almost a shame to see him escape the suffering of being mobbed by them

  3. If their going to be staying a few days, the chance for a mobbing is still there.

  4. This update just made me realize that Darrik and Vincent have something in common. They’re both regrowing lost hair, though Vincent is ‘a-head’ in that respect. (Ugh! what a terrible pun.)

  5. Maybe one of the big ones will give him a full body lick greeting. XD

    Ewww…. Whip drool…

  6. Hmmm… I wonder what Vincent’s expression on the last panel could mean…

  7. Poor Darrik.

    He’s on an alien world (Well to him), he knows next to nothing of the customs and will now be dining with a king and he probably still doesn’t speak the language of the only persons there he know all that well.

  8. typhoon: Exactly. The situation is made of win….

  9. On the other hand, he is out of the swamp.

    Into the social frying pan. Although by all accounts the King is a decent and kindly king. And how can the king not want to be nice to such a cute kid.

  10. The king may be nice. But he’s a fox who gre up in an american swamp. He might have slightly different ideas about royalty.

  11. Something that still bugs me. “Does Vicent Know that Sheana is his Aunt?” (O_o)

  12. What’s with Vin’s expression there, and why does Darrik suddenly look like his mind got blown again?

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