07/22/2009 (23 Comments)

23 thoughts on “07/22/2009 (23 Comments)

  1. Obviously, Syrys knows one of the greatest gifts to give to any female. Shopping Money and Clothes. 😉

    Heck, they’re even color coded for their convenience.

  2. It wouldn’t really be realistic, but it *would* be hysterical to see Vin and Darrik jumping up and down and squeeeeee-ing to some new clothes. 😀

  3. Kind of a mixed message, I’d think. They’ve just gotten punished with KP duty for wandering about the woods alone, and now they’re being rewarded with new dresses and loads of cash?

  4. oh boy looks lik the gils are going to pary new clothes and cash now thats a suprisse

  5. they sound like my sister at christmas!

  6. that is a LOT of creds!!!

  7. Hortmage: Syrys nearly took them straight back to Akaelae Towers. I guess they didn’t do anything bad enough to deny them this preplanned treat.

  8. When was the last time our Psycoon actually touched the ground? I can’t remember, she’s always floating through life!

  9. @Victor: When she hit it, but that was not of her own free will so you can exclude that instance lol

    @tigger: I’m now imagining that scene and trying not to laugh.

    I wish someone would give me a bag full of money… and not expect me to pay it back….

    Oh a separate note: Girl with bags of money…. why do I sense a shopping spree here….

  10. I don´t think we see them again for a while.
    … But maybe that´s the plan. ^_^

  11. Syrus excuses:
    1. has really screwed up, and is trying to pry their attention from it.
    B. is about to really screw up and doesn’t want those three to find out right away.

    This is why women always carry those duffel bags under one arm. They expect to receive something of this sort one day, and want to be ready to carry loads of cash in their saddle bag.

  12. Does anyone know just how much/what the girls could buy with their bags “full of credits”?

  13. KHGV Defenestration

    …I must be the only person who sees a bag full of credits, and the first thing to cross my mind are questions about the planet’s monetary systems. Do they have a global currency? Who issued them? Fiat, value-backed, or are the coins themselves made of a valuable material? How easily can they be counterfeited? Etc.

    I’m assuming Syrus used low-denomination coins for additional impact(ignoring the fact it also makes it easy for Tiff to visually convey ‘lots of money’ without need to explain 🙂 ), and credits of progressively higher value exist without any large gaps.

  14. @KHGV Defenestration: Well, no, you’re not the only one there, and I’m wondering how it holds up too, how it all works, whether there are specific national currencies or global ones, etc. Looks like you and I thinking alike there. ^_^

  15. P.S. The Akaelaes are rich. Probably even by our bloated standards.

    By this we know (if we did not already) that Quinn is female: she can fly, phase through solid objects, go between dimensions, speak to “spirits” (the Tower kind) and is arguably the strongest psyrac to come out of Genoworks…and a new dress makes her happy.

  16. it makes sense. After all, she’s gotta take time out for the simple pleasures in life.

    The Bags O Credit probably contain no more than the equivalent of the ten or twenty bucks that an earth brat would get for an evening at the fair. Although they could be a little more than that. It might be closer to a hundred bucks. The Akaelaes do have a massive fortune and what is essentially dominion over at least several cities.

  17. @lycanthrope: you misspelled sirac!

  18. Well we now know that in fact the Cyantian females are very closely related to humans. And at that point a question needs to be answered; just what in the heavens above is it about females and new clothes that make them lose most of their self control?

    Me? give me some comfortable pants and shirts that and I’m happy.

  19. Oy, what about me an my stylishly flamboyant shirts?
    Although, I guess I don’t react in quite that manner…. 😀

  20. @MephitMark: Might be something similar to the Mounty-Catnip-thing… 😉

    Ok, a bit more seriously: I believe the ShivaeWiki says something about Quinn not caring about money at all (being an – adopted – Akaelae probably does that to you). I think it’s quite likely the others have a similar view of money (nice to have, but nothing really important).

    Still, any chance for you to tell us just how much money they actually got (enough for a few candies, enough to buy a space ship, enough to feed Darius with chicken until he’s no longer hungry), Tiff? 😀

  21. I find myself wondering… What happened to Chatin and the other gals?

  22. They’re back at Akaelae Tower, thoroughly hidden off panel while we watch everybody else.

    Chatin, Cisco, Darius, Kel and Celina are undoubtedly getting into some kind of trouble. We’ll undoubtedly see the aftermath after this arc is over. 😉

  23. @xenomorph22 Mi speling iz find for 36 hors w no slep….

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