.. well.. not exactly how I envisioned this.. but here’s this and hopefully I’ll get the comic done on Friday.  I fell behind with Kim’s birthday last week and this image needed a nice background… that I wasn’t able to get to in time to update:

Question from Hanna

I wonder, is it frowned upon in Cyantia to use the 4-legged mode of locomotion? Especially when in a hurry? We’ve seen Darrik do it before, but I can’t remember if any of the others have.


There are many instances of the cubs and adults running on all fours.  Syrys did for most of the prequel.  Silver and others have in Campus Safari and Darius has more than once earlier in Akaelae.

It’s not frowned upon in the least, but usually not done on the spur of the moment in the case of adults because they like keeping their clothing clean.  Running indoors for adults is difficult for obvious reasons, but there is plenty of room for cubs to do it, although slick floors have bested more than one.

As vincent displays above, protective gloves and bands are normally worn for running on all fours outdoors or on training courses.  Wolves lack pads on their hands and the gloves help in acting as a replacement for traction and shock absorption.

they love to travel in this way in forests, mountains and uneven ground.  their bodies are built for it with a narrower, deeper rib cage than that of a human.  Unfortunately, they cannot travel comfortably on all fours over a long distance on flat land.  It’s more efficient for them to travel bipedally in these cases.

– tiff