Today’s Cameos:

Black Wolf = Zephyr

Black Cat = Thellie

These are the cameos which were purchased by donation, since it was asked further in the comments.  Wait until tomorrow’s go up. 😀  I’m soooo proud of those.  You can see why they took longer.

A little note, you can see lots of the cats in Gralen Cragg Hall.  They are full grown and rarely are taller than four feet, which strongly contrasts with the 8 – 9 foot average of the larger mounties.  They are extremely clannish and the clans that live outside the halls can be quite… amazonian.  They are also vicious little fighters, very fast, quick and excellent gryphon keepers and riders.  You can find them scurrying about through any number of tunnels within the castle walls.

Within the halls, they tend to be servants, maids and the aforementioned keepers/tamers and riders.  They also make excellent spies and assasins.  I believe someone made a vicious little monsters comment about them in one of the comics. 😉

We open with an establishing shot of a banquet table being loaded for dinner.

Ok, Bookmark is still on with the current image. 🙂 I finally got some feedback and that’s really all I wanted, was to know that people wanted it so I didn’t go get 500 of them made and then nobody want them.