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7. Syrys grinning: Sounds intriguing … I'm up for it. Page 021 (10) 1. Queen in concern: Do be careful, both of you. 2. Syrys: We'll be fine! 3. Sheana standing: I want to go! 4. Cilke and everyone else starting to get up: Me too!

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  1. Quinn finally shows herself!
    Well, some of the youngsters are eager to see what this ‘Demon’ is all about.

  2. I love the way Quinn looks, it reminds me of a hungry cat who’s human is about to give them food. 8D Oh boy yay!

  3. Love how both the guys shrink down. Think it’s because Derrik’s just freaked out and Vincent recently lost his mother?

  4. Quinn must have been extra bored by having to sit still and behave for dinner. Now she gets to have some fun. And I bet all the girls are thinking “Pretty firey horsey! Must have as pet!”

    Poor Darrik and Vin. They’ll have to go to make sure the girls stay safe!

    And I love King Laish’s expression in the first panel. It gives him that perfect “up to no good and I’m gonna have fun because of it” look on his face.

  5. me too. the smile fits perfect for the situation. but i also like the concerned face of the queen – maybe she knows this grin more than good enough.

  6. I LOVE that last panel XD

  7. BTW I’ve been getting a lot better this week… if it keeps up I can colour for you soon! 😀

  8. A fox and a Wolf thinking the same thing at the same time. How Rare is that?
    Though when it comes to hunting a ‘Demon’ horse or eating good food …good food always wins in my book.

  9. They are all sitting at the table, btw. Including the princesses. I just couldn’t draw them all. 😀

  10. I wonder if the demon horse can/does emit smoke…

    also they’re kids surrounded by girls who are standing up and yelling? what else are they to do?

  11. So they’re all there – blows some of my speculation. Though I still think it’s a setup for a cub adventure. I rather doubt Vin has any outdoor adventure experience — Darrik certainly does, but on Earth, and he’s not too keen on all these ginormous, swallow you in one gulp creatures they have on Cyantia (not even the little creatures for that matter).

    The King *so* looks like he’s up to something.

  12. I’d have shrunk too… but I’d have gone a step further and slipped down under the table. With my tail between my legs, too. I hope at least poor Darrik gets excused for 1) being a fox, 2) not used to even _normal_ Cyantian creatures and 3) for being so adorably puny. 😀

  13. Hopefully they can still swallow their food.

  14. I love the expression on the King. XD

  15. Hey, I just noticed that the picture next to the Akaelae title on the top left of the the page changed to the “Vincent Running on all fours” pic from a couple weeks ago.

    It looks really cool up there. Especially with the new grass background.

  16. I have a funny feeling that Darrik and Vin are about to be told to go with Syrys…of course I could be wrong, as Demon horse hunts may be off limits for cubs! I love the artwork…:)

  17. Kekekeke!

    So much funniness. ^_^

  18. The poor Queen. XD She has to deal with her ‘bad example’ of a husband so often.

  19. QUINN HAS AT LAST RETURNED, DESPITE BEING HERE THE WHOLE DANG TIME!! XD I love how the only ones who want to go hunting are the girls, and Quinn’s expression is adorable considering what they are talking about. Also, I love how the King has a sort of “I have it ALL planned out” look on his face.

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