08/14/2008 (11 Comments)

5. Syrys: No. I want you all to remain here and return to quarters after dinner. Tomorrow is going to be a busy and early day. 6. Forlorn cubs. Yes, sir. 7. Silver grinning like a fox from ear to ear.
I ran a little late, but I just had the backgrounds to finish. And yes, the others ARE there... and I will make up for that 'miss' in the print version so that it's obvious that all of them are seated at a table across from each other. That does include, Silver, Brix, Tira and Alex. I may have mentally blocked out the need for introductions. 9.9 Or the situation just didn't leave time for it. There will be introductions later. :)

12 thoughts on “08/14/2008 (11 Comments)

  1. Silver is totally up to something. I’d say the evening is just getting started. 🙂

  2. Grinning like a fox? nice…

  3. The guys are heaving a giant sigh of relief. 😀

  4. Lol Hanna! Very nice though, man love this comment. Silver does look up to something…

  5. Something, ha! She’s got Darrik written all over her purdy lil face.

  6. The guys have no idea what a wild and crazy batch of females all these ladies are — they’d have a much more peaceful time of it going with Syrys and the King. Whatever they’ve got planned, you can bet Tira will drag Darrik into it, and Sheana and Quinn will make sure Vin doesn’t escape.

  7. I am predicting a minor Silver/Darrik romantic interlude, although I doubt Darrik will be willing to entertain it.

  8. who wants to bet that they won’t stay at home?

  9. I dunno — I think Tira already has dibs on Darrik. At any rate, I think Silver only smiles like that when she’s up to naughtiness — and not of the romantic kind.

  10. Poor poor castle staff, so many troublemakers in one place, so few to keep them in line. The order “return to quarters” didn’t state WHOSE quarters. So I’m sensing a slumber party, complete with suckers, er, volunteers Vin and Darrik for makeovers.

    It’s not like they don’t have someone who can just about teleport them to and from their quarters. And yes, Silver’s face has both “Trouble”, “Quinn’s back!” and “New playmates!” written all over it.

    I shudder at the thought of what she has planned. After all, she is the one who grows up tough enough to break Ballistic’s arm. And to note, Ballistic is a tiger that is twice her size at the time.

  11. I think Silver’s infatuated with someone…

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