… image done during A-kon.

It IS Khaelis, btw. πŸ™‚

Comics will begin updating again on Monday for the full week.Β  I’ll have the tallies updated soon.Β  I’m in a bit of a bind due to Wowio not paying me on time.Β  It’s been three weeks now and they have NOT paid me.Β  This was one of the things I was worried about when Platinum took over and it why I do not desire to deal with them anymore.Β  This has caused a LOT of stress. :/Β  Stress that interferes with work. :/

Akaelae will be moving to MWF updates with a black and white comic updating alongside it for the next month as a result of last month’s donations.Β  The drive for this month has begun, I’ll update the tallies as soon as I can.