10 thoughts on “09/02/2011

  1. “Trust Me”

    Worlds of doom only exceeded by “What could go wrong?” and “It’ll be easy.”

    Got to commend Quinn’s economy of language.

    1. You forgot “Watch this!”

      1. Hold my beer.

  2. I would say famous last words, but this is Quinn. Then again, she has a secret psyrac friend waiting for her here.

  3. The inimitable toublecoon strikes again!

    This is going to cause something interesting. I can feel it in my bones!

  4. Always cheerful.

    Always trouble.

    It’s always Quinn that makes these double.

    It’s always Quinn that makes you fearful.

    (I love that sunny smile, Quinn is one of my favorite campus safari cast members. ^-^)

  5. What’s that? Is that the bad idea train coming ’round the bend?

    “That’ll be easy. Trust me.”

    All aboard. Wooo woo.

    Big trouble, a few laughs, and much more on the horizon. This is gonna be good!

    1. Oh, and a not word from Quinn about his dirty fur? I’m surprised.

  6. Love Darius’ expression in the middle panel. I wonder just how dangerous that forbidden technology is, if rescuing the crew from the foxes and Rama will be easy in comparison.

  7. Look out! Quinn is whistling. ‘What could go wrong’, indeed.

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