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11 thoughts on “09/07/2011

  1. Did Kamden dye his fur? It certainly looks darker than the last time we saw him.

  2. It’s not as well lit here in the cave, so that’s probably a factor in the fur color. And it has been a while since we last saw him.

    It’s interesting to know that Kamden’s abilities can be beaten by a simple helmet. His one weakness: Protective Headwear. His only (other) weakness> Head Trauma.

    And tacos. I don’t know why, but I think his other, final weakness, is tacos. Or maybe this last one is just me being silly!

    And as a final note: I have plans to photochop this page. Repeatedly. Not just this panel, but the full page.

    1. Does this mean that you just need to wear a helmet to avoid his powers? Like Magneto when Professor Xavier is around?

      1. Wait… Wouldn’t his powers only be blocked by ferrous metal helmets? I would think that by this time they could use a plastic, or carbon helmet that doesn’t block the RF energy that they put out.

        1. I just remembered… when Kamden used his powers on the cubs the first time (on Celina’s horse, precisely), Kel and Sheana could apparently see the illusions, while Celina seemed unaffected… and she was wearing a hat. Sure, a simple cloth hat blocking psychic attacks sounds silly, but it could be a clue…

        2. hmm… interesting.

          “Keep your hands at the level of your eyes, The Phantom must be found!”

  3. … I think I managed to FORGET a color.. d’oh. 😀

  4. It’s funny, its only natural that advantages come with their own limitations.

    I think this fox has to high an opinion of herself and not enough for anyone else.

  5. Rama must think very highly of Kamden to give him a high enough rank to let him be comfortable mouthing off to a gold fox (Filaire I think? My brain isn’t working so I don’t remember if that’s her). They seem to be equals. Also, glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought of Magneto with the helmet comment. 😀 It makes sense when you think about it though, metal would interfere with electrical signals, which is what neural signals are.

    1. She is smiling when she asks him I suppose.

      Maybe it’s a common thing to playfully jab at one another like that.

  6. Hmm, very interesting I’m sure to note about the head gear, but his recovery means worse for the cubs. He’s a fully trained sirac, Quinn isn’t. And where exactly is Rama? He’s sure taking his good old time getting there.

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