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16 thoughts on “09/16/2009 (16 Comments)

  1. I’m assuming that’s a room. If so it seems Quinn is blocking someone’s patio lol.

    And if its not a room, then of course it’d be a person with wings sunbathing!

  2. hmmm… Looks like a balcony to me.. Good place to hop off and do some gliding.

  3. Fascinating place, it is. 🙂

  4. Who is this mysterious person and how did she get wings?

    I wonder if Syris found a way to give Darrik a marker like the other cubs have? I know it’s most likely that he’s not going to be in any danger today, but I wonder if Syris would be that farsighted.

  5. I don’t mean to sound like a weirdo, but is she nekked or something?

  6. Nekkid? Nooo, she’s covered in fur!

  7. Interesting…

    I wonder if that’s even a morph (if that term applies to Cyantians?) I mean the hands look more like real paws, and if the person in the background is of adult size then this creature would be huge being a morph….

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see if more is revealed…

  8. Unless I’m mistaken, fur patterns match Hrliss. In which case, he’s a tigertaur. So he’d have paws and hands. And again based off of fur patterns…. He’s laying down with his arms folded.

    Besides Its not like normal Cyantians are up that high, usually anyway, so if he is sunbathing without clothing… well its not like he expected anyone else to be up there with him…

    Except that other cyantian with him but I’m sure he’s more familiar with whomever that is.

    And if that is Hrliss then there’s a bit of irony in his statement.

  9. Wat iz the stripey dood?

  10. Cyantians tend to run around with no clothes on whenever they want to without any problems or stares. It’s not a taboo thing to do. They just tend to wear clothes out of habit/identification/adornments/protection. They ARE covered in fur after all. They don’t really have a concept of BEING naked unless 1. Their fur is shorn or 2. They are wet. They do NOT like being wet without wearing something. They look just as miserable as the average cat or dog does that’s been soaked. 😉

    And this is Hrliss, so I hope he doesn’t mind getting a massage. 😉 I doubted he would since he gets some nice body shots of Hrliss.

  11. (2. They are wet. They do NOT like being wet without wearing something.)

    Hey Tiff, that reminded me of Khaelis XD

  12. Oh yeah, I remember that! It was ROFLMAO! “we have a shivae 13 rating to maintain here!” LOLZ

  13. Emergency pants. A subspace storage medium with emergency pants and maybe an emergency shirt just for those “suddenly wet” situations. Either that, or a device that creates illusions of black censor bars.

  14. Hrumph! So, Cyantians don’t like to get wet, right? Or just when they have no clothes on then, this is such an awkward conversation… :-S

  15. Sunbathing and a massage too! I’m filled with envy…. next will be a cocktail waitress with drinks and snackies…

  16. Judging from the Gralen Cragg bath scene ( http://cyantian.net/gchall/?p=99 ), I’d say that Cyantians just don’t like getting wet regardless of what they’re wearing. However, in the early part of this comic, there is a panel where the gang was actually planning to go swimming ( http://cyantian.net/?p=394 ), so it can’t be a strong aversion to being wet.

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