10 thoughts on “09/16/2011

  1. Oh my! This seems like a fine mess Rama’s created. “Gather together the angry, contentious, possibly miserable and yet powerful minions that you find everywhere and hope they don’t turn on each other” seemed like such a good idea at the time!

    And I’ll bet it’s both of them. This is a situation that can only end in pain.

    1. In this case, I wonder exactly who he’s talking about.

      Though his stewing anger is because of her, it almost seems like he’s focusing it somewhere or someone else.

    2. Adolf Hitler used to let his subordinates fight out their differences in this way. It was a rather Darwinian approach.

      You see how well things worked out for him in 1945.

  2. … or her sanity.

  3. Filaire strikes me as a petty tyrant. Kamden strikes me as a rather passive agressive and vengeful little creep.

    They make such a lovely pair. Two rotten apples side by side.

  4. I wonder if he was in the Genoworks Facility too.

  5. hmmm, could this be the start of a subversion? Could he be working on springing the C Team from their cell? (yes I absolutely just made that up. DON’T JUDGE ME)

  6. This is where it all falls apart for Rama. Things go downhill from here for him. Then he starts a war. This is likely what starts that particular timer ticking.

  7. I called it!

  8. That ALSO sounds like me when someone pushes me past the breaking point!

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