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  1. Huh. I just noticed that Kamden’s facial markings are very similar to Quinn’s facial markings. I wonder if they were both created using a similar template at Genoworks Exotica. Or if Quinn is the refined version of what they tried to “gift” Kamden with.

    The hair color is different though. And their personalities are as different as night and day too.

  2. Here’s to hiding the majority of your power as an Ace up your sleeve. Don’t let your employer know what you are capable of, or you /will/ be a slave to them.

  3. Kamden and Quinn are both Psiracs – Quinn were both very young when they escaped from he time the Exotica Genoworks facility, but we did see some older psiracs there too. Considering the processes used, they may not have actually been much older, but they looked it. Kamden might even be one of those we saw back then. (His personality does reming me a bit of Collin…)

    1. He was one of the psiracs from back then. His hair was a lot shorter, but he is still recognizable.

  4. He can walk through walls and he’s afraid of her?

    I find that strange. It’s just as strange how some where even able to be kept to one room without escaping.

    I wonder if Darius and Quin are safe and if he does find them will he really do anything about them?

    1. Maybe he’s angry enough to join them? 🙂

    2. Psychological imprisonment can be a very powerful tool in the hands of people who know how to use them..

      1. Which raises the question: Does Kamden even want to leave Rama’s service? For all we know, Kamden’s only problem with serving Rama could be that he has to take orders from an arrogant Vixen that he can’t scare into submission.

        1. My point was, that as cubs, they fell victims to the psychological imprisonment, but as… somewhat more mature cubs, at least Kamden isn’t going to play along.. he’ll renegade.

  5. Interesting. Hiding his full powers and then heading out somewhere else after Filaire leaves. And, he notably hasn’t managed to find what he’s been tasked with looking for.

    Could he be a double agent or just playing his own game? But for whom, if he’s a double, and what game if it’s for himself?

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